DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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The DanBar Cairn Terriers
"The best kept secret in dogdom"


Meet the DanBar Cairn Terriers

I am now on my fifth generation of Cairns! My main focus is friendly, happy, sensible and game temperaments, maintaining working ability on vermin, correct, hard coats and removal of all possible health issues from my line of dogs.  I am always on the hunt for dogs which will compliment and improve my line while proud to continue breeding healthy, wonderful cairns from my original foundation dogs.

Marma's All Around Haley The Comet, CHIC (Twizzle)
(2023 will be her last litter - then on to retirement!)

DanBar Wee Pagan

DanBar Wee Heckle

DanBar Wee Jeckle

DanBar The Wee Hyena

DanBar Wee Teeny Weeny

Honored friends now retired or deceased.

DanBar Wee Bonnie, RATN*

DanBar Wee Annie**

DanBar Wee Mary, CHIC***

DanBar Wee Mikey, RATN, CHIC​****

I am a member in good standing with the The Cairn Terrier Club (United Kingdom)​

* Wee Bonnie is living as the companion to the most lovely English woman who lost her husband and old cairn and was very lonely.  The two of them are quite the pair, and have no end of adventures together. Thank you, Sylvia!
** Wee Annie is living her best life after retiring from being an important part of the DanBar breeding program.  I get the most wonderful pictures of her and the young male cairn the folks got from me, traveling, camping, hiking - thank you SO much!
*** Wee Mary, my beloved Wee Mary perished in a freak accident.  She is sorely missed.
**** Wee Mikey. Died as he lived - a gallant gentleman with too much courage for his size. In the name of love he challenged a 110 pound Doberman male and his neck was broken instantly. Sleep well my friend, I miss you so.