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​Height:    Weight: 14 lbs    Color: Red Brindle   
OFA Hips: GOOD CT-130G26F-VPI 
OFA Eyes: CT-EYE164/27F-VPI (10/20)
OFA Patellas: CT-PA250/26F/P-VPI
OFA Advanced Heart: CLEAR CT-ACA27/20F-VPI
DNA Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR
DNA Hemophilia B (Cairn Terrier Type): CLEAR  
DNA Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy: CLEAR 
DNA Craniomandibular Osteopathy CMO: CLEAR CMO15/15F-PI
DanBar's Wee Annie (spayed and retired from breeding)

​Wee Annie quickly became  a favorite as she has a much more compliant nature than either of her parents.  Where Mikey and (especially!) Bonnie were hard headed youth, Wee Annie stood out by her listening skills!  From seven weeks of age on, the puppies accompany the adult cairns into the chicken yard and breeding pens so that they can be exposed to the daily rodent hunting that is part of life here.  While Annie was intensely eager to hunt and kill the mice she was surprisingly biddable to me when I called the dogs out of each pen as I move on to the next one.  She also never showed any desire to chase and kill the poultry, concentrating instead of the rodents.  These traits have made her a very useful terrier here on the farm.

Like her sire and dam she shares the same happy, outgoing temperament with people. She is a sweet thing, and I love her very much. 

Just to avoid confusion, please note that Annie's DNA page states she is "cleared of the terrier panel by parentage".  What this means is that because both Wee Mikey and Wee Bonnie were clear for all the genetic diseases tested for, Wee Annie cannot possibly have or carry genes for them. That is what "cleared by parentage" means. She is cleared of CMO by direct DNA test. 

Bonnie was a VERY loving dog, and craved "lap time" that was hard for me to provide to the extent she wanted.  For this reason she was spayed and placed in a FANTASTIC home with the nicest couple who spend a lot of time in their motorhome and boat in the San Juan Islands.  They have a very active older male cairn, and all pictures of Annie show her enjoying the good life with the individual attention she craved.  It was a VERY tough call, but ultimately its about each dog's happiness, and I believe I made the right choice for her. 
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Left: Wee Annie in front with mother Wee Annie behind her.  Annie's coat is a rich red brindle.  Right:  As a small pup Annie was obsessed with getting "up" - on everything. She was fearless.  Here she is bedding down for the night on top of a bookcase in the living room!