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Wee Mikey is a happy, cheerful dog whose most outstanding characteristic is his intense loyalty to me.  He simply MUST be with me, no matter what I am doing. How ever there is not an ounce of "separation anxiety" in him.  He often chooses to sleep outside at night - even when it is below freezing - up on the quad seat - just to keep an eye on things and be in a good position to launch a barking attack on roaming coyotes. He keeps the chicken yard free of mice and ground squirrels.  He is a quiet dog, rarely barking (except at coyotes).  He gets along with other dogs, and enjoys swimming very much. 

A small dog, yes, but with the courage and sensibility of a large dog. He needs no coat even in zero degree weather and does not shed in the house. 

Wee Mikey is simply the best chum a person could have.
DanBar Wee Mikey, CHIC*, RATN

OFA Hips: GOOD    CT-117G28M-VPI 
OFA Eyes: OFA NORMAL  CT-EYE107/59M-VPI (02/21) 
OFA Dentition: Pending 
OFA Patellas: NORMAL   PA223/28M/P-VPI
OFA Heart: NORMAL  CT-BCA4/59M/C-VPI (10/20)
DNA Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR
DNA Hemophilia B (Cairn Terrier Type):  CLEAR  
DNA Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy: CLEAR 
DNA Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO): CLEAR CMO13/36M-PI

CLICK HERE for Mikey's OFA and DNA Health Page
CLICK HERE for Mikey's Pedigree Page
As you can see from this old drawing, Mikey represents the "old style" cairn terrier rather than the fluffy, sculpted dogs too often seen in the show ring these days. 

Wee Mikey has a proper "hard jacket" that keeps out all weather and makes him easy to clean. You do not need to "hand strip" a real terrier - think about it... do you think those old Scottish farmers spent hours plucking their barn dog's coat!?  No, a true working terrier needs a useful, no-nonsense coat that stays tidy with just a bit of care once a month.  At 6 years of age, Wee Mikey has NEVER been stripped or plucked.

I strive to produce this coat in my cairns and so far am having success.  As well Mikey has found favor as a stud dog due to his friendly, sweet personality.  Truly, to know Wee Mikey is to love him, he's just that kind of a dog.    
Wee Mikey at 4 months of age. When mature he was iron grey and black.
Like many wheaten brindle cairns, Mikey started life lighter in color and darkened at he matured.  He is now an iron-grey brindle. 

After Wee Mikey's "show name" you notice the letters "CHIC". This stands for Canine Health Information Center, a program which is a cooperative effort between the OFA and AKC breed clubs. It encourages breeders to test their dogs for the issues specific for their dogs. Dogs that have had all the required tests get the CHIC designation behind their name. For more information CLICK HERE