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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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DanBar Ranch- Contact Info
Lets Talk Dogs!

I consider myself "The Friendly Breeder"; if you have questions regarding buying or managing dogs, even if you aren't going to purchase a pup from me, give me a call, I'll try and help.  I hear far too often from people who are either ignored or treated brusquely by breeders. If I can't help you I'll direct you to a reputable breeder if I can. 

I think EDUCATION ON YOUR BREED OF CHOICE is of the utmost importance, and if I can help you find a breed that suits your lifestyle and temperament I'd love to help. After 20 years as an animal control officer and 35 years as a dog trainer, I have a pretty good grasp of breed type for many breeds. Like all reputable breeders, I'll tell you the GOOD and the BAD about breeds you are interested in.  The number one reason pets end up in shelters is when people don't research and find the RIGHT BREED FOR THEM! No reputable breeder wants to ever put the wrong breed in the wrong home. If my cairns, Bostons or Dobermans are not right for your situation - I will tell you.

To Reserve A Puppy

Please CLICK HERE to go to the "RESERVATION LIST" page. I will send you a portion of my puppy packet, a copy of the contract to look over and an application.  After you fill out the application send it back. I will call you and together we will decide if one of my pups is right for you. At that time, if we both agree you will send in the deposit to reserve your place in the "pick order".

To Visit The Dogs

Visitors are welcome by appointment.  A puppy buyer should always meet the parents of the pup and adult members of the breed they are interested in before they bring one home. This is especially important if you have small children as you MUST be sure the parents have sound temperament!  I am outside Goldendale, Washington, about an hour from Yakima, WA and an hour from The Dalles, Oregon.  Two hours from Portland, Oregon. If you live outside of the area, I can send you video of adults, and pups, to help you with your decision.  I do ship - BY AIR ONLY - no ground transportation.  Puppy buyers are responsible for shipping costs. 

My home is a working ranch, often muddy in winter and sometimes at this height we are snowed in. For this reason I do close for the Holiday/Snow season from November 15th through March 15th. 




* DRESS APPROPRIATELY; my dogs will try and get into your laps.

* If you have been around a sick dog, please be courteous and inform me. 

Due to my schedule, I prefer initial contact through EMAIL so I can send  you information before we talk. I accept calls between 9 AM and 5 PM Pacific. I AM hard to catch sometimes, being busy with the dogs, but leave your name and number and I WILL get back to you.  Please be patient, it might be a day or two. I also show my dogs at performance events all over WA and OR state, so we may be able to meet up at a show.​ 

Again, please be patient! There is only one of me, and I get behind on my emails and calls sometimes, but I WILL get back to you!

Diane Jessup
509 767 7127


Above: Sherlock, now in a fantastic home
 in Arizona!
If you visit, May the coonhound promises to let you
 borrow her recliner!
My pit bulldog, Druid used the tree behind him to scrunch his way up the tree to look down inside where a ground squirrel was hiding.