DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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What are
 "heritage fowl"?

Older, sometimes famous fowl which are at risk of extinction. 
About DanBar Ranch Heritage Fowl
I offer the very finest in heritage fowl. The breeds I raise are all older, well known breeds cherished by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Due to changes in trends and the population moving away from rural life, many worthy breeds are now on the brink of extinction.  I feel very strongly concerning the preservation of these unique breeds.

The "game" fowl breeds are the hardiest, healthiest and most "natural" of all domesticated chicken breeds. For this reason they were often used in the creation of new breeds and sometimes to give a "boost" of health and vigor to other established breeds. 

Game fowl have been used for fighting for many thousands of years. The Romans used it to teach courage to their children and when Julius Caeser invaded England and found that the Briton's already had their own fighting cocks, he even admitted they were better quality than the Roman birds.  Themistocles of Greece used fighting cocks to inspire his troops the night before a great battle to route the Persians. Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Jackson were all avid followers of the sport, and there is some evidence that cock fights were held in the white house from time to time. Great and brave men, all through the ages have admired the little game cock, and it will be an emptier and sadder world if the day ever comes when the last beautiful game cock, crowing defiantly, is destroyed by goups like PETA and HSUS and ASPCA who dislike the game animals, their proud history, and what they stand for. 

I breed a very small number of very select show and breeding fowl each year.
This is not one of those high volume bird yards... I have exactly six breeding pens. 
Getting on the waiting list is highly recommended; first come, first served.


How I sell:  

Spring - I sell quail sized trios in early summer, when I can sex them. Priced as noted on breed description.

I will occasionally have stag/pullet pairs available later in the year.


I love my blues/greys! My brood cock is 1/2 Million Dollar Blue and 1/2 Mel Sims. My hens are Red Fox Grey and Shorty Bullock.

"Blues" in gamefowl come blue, white, red/white (pyle). "Greys" are birds with light hackles and generally grey legs.

At left is "Midway", my brood cock.  

Quail Sized Trios: $250 (includes US Shipping)
Fall Pullet/Stag Pair: $250 (includes US Shipping)

Morgan Whitehackles
White legs - straight combs - power birds

My favorite breed. They have such a rich history both here and in Olde England.  This breed has always been referred to as a "power" (as opposed to speed) breed. They were bred for depthless courage (gameness) a hard strike and a slower, more cautious approach to fighting.  Today they retain the calmer, gamer attitude of yesteryear, and can become very tame pets.  They learn to love their owners and will talk softly to you as you approach.  

At left is one of my brood cocks, "Peleliu".

Quail Sized Trios: $300 (includes US Shipping)
Fall Pullet/Stag Pair: $300 (includes US Shipping)

History of Morgan Whitehackle

Morgan Whitehackle chicks