DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Information On A Variety Of Subjects
Here I will be listing links to information on a wide variety of subjects that I hope you will use and find helpful. I want to help you find a GREAT dog, whether from my home or some other reputable breeder.  Dogs give us SO much joy - they deserve the best we can give them in return. 

(Under Construction!)
The freedom of DanBar Ranch.  My dogs are not kenneled or crated.  They have access to the 20 acres night or day. Running up and down the fence line barking at deer and coyotes is pretty much the King of Outdoor Sports around here.  Twice a day I run them around the entire fence line on my quad.  I feel like they have a pretty good life. 
Lord (left) and his half sister Darque Energy (right) on patrol with 11 year old Dillon, a visiting child.  He felt with his garbage can shield and two such dogs he was pretty well prepared for anything he should come across in the woods!