DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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I have specific galleries of pups I have produced
 under the main page for their breed.

Here you will find just pictures to let you meet the dogs (and some other animals) of DanBar Ranch, just living their lives (cage free!)  You can see them as they are, not posed show dogs - just my buddies living life out here in our little piece of heaven.  

​Fred, my first prairie dog. They are wonderful pets. Here spending a hot day chillin' in the shade.
May, the black and tan coonhound. Not a lot going on in that head, but she's sweet!
My Bostons LOVE pups. Any breed. They end up in the whelping nest with them no matter what.  They will even produce milk for them even when they are not pregnant...
Cairn pups are very bold and thrive on adventure.  Run Around Sue is up the tree.
The one and only.  The last of 40 years of breeding American pit bulls, Druid. He is my best friend even though he is a complete pain in the ass.
Little Happy the Boston loves to chew. The oak trees here are a challenge!
"Battle for the Babies"...  These are Wee Annie's pups, but Boston Jib Jab spontaneously developed milk to feed them.  Wee Mary took one look and went into a false pregnancy and took the litter over, developing milk too.  EVERYBODY wants to be mom around here!
A young Wee Mikey and Druid try to convince a baby puppy to play.