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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Planned Litters:

Thank you for your interest in my upcoming litters. I put a LOT of thought, expense and experience into planning these breedings and EVERY breeding is made for the sole purpose of producing even better dogs for my breeding program; my goal is the improvement of the health and character of the European Doberman and the hardy little Scottish cairn terrier - while retaining old time, traditional appearance.

I invite comparison with ANY kennel and invite you to inspect
 my dogs, health testing and facility for yourself. 

This year has been a bit challenging and plans have changed.  Please contact me if you are interested in a Doberman or Cairn pup in 2023 or 2024. Email me for an application. 

Some Recent Changes To Be Aware Of (Dobermans):

Sadly after a $2000 stud fee, a trip to California, a $5000 vet bill and 2 years of waiting for a young stud dog to grow up and get health tested, after taking a hard look at the dog and more importantly at Grecko's other offspring from other females, I have decided to not use my "Way Out West Guilty As Charged, IPO 3" (Grecko) son, "Soldat Aus Eiche" in my program.  Soldat is a nice dog, but has some issues I do not have currently in my line of Dobermans and do not wish to add.  Soldat joins two female Dobermans I imported (Novo and El Crapo) that have also not made the grade and have been removed from the breeding program.  The expense is enormous, the disappointment is great, but strict standards must be applied to breed a truly fine family of dogs. 

For this reason I am reworking my breedings for 2023. Please email me for details
 on what breedings may be made available soon. 

Some Recent Changes To Be Aware Of (Cairn Terriers):

Good old Twizzle ("Marma's All Around Haley The Comet" CHIC) has been retired and is spayed.  She has given me some wonderful puppies and will enjoy her golden years here at the ranch.  I am very pleased to announce that a close breeding I did predicting it would be a real winner did not disappoint!  The Wee Heckle x Wee Jeckle breeding did exactly what family breeding is famous for; producing a uniform and way above average litter.  I was so pleased with the result that I kept 3 of the 4 pups to join my breeding program.  Welcome to Wee Merida Mouse Murderer, Wee Annie Laurie and Wee Hoot Mon Himself.  As an example of "why are well-bred puppies expensive" (sigh) I recently purchased two cairn puppies from another breeder ($5000 price with shipping) and upon arrival NEITHER pup had a correct coat and I ended up giving them to friends to be altered pets.  So I'm back to the drawing board on finding pups that will compliment my current line.  

 Please email me for details on what breedings may be made available soon. 

Sorry, but I do not place my dogs as "service dogs".  Real service dogs - like guide dogs for the blind as an example, are carefully bred over generations to have a specific temperament. This allows them to lie for hours on end under a desk, to do well with a minimum of hard exercise, to be less reactive to outside stimuli such as other animals; in other words to best preform their important duties they must be just about the opposite of what a Doberman should be. 

To read about why I do not sell my dogs to be "service dogs"

New faces at DanBar Ranch! The older pup in the middle is Wee The Hyena ("Hi") and the three beautiful youngsters are (left to right) Wee Hoot Man Himself, Wee Annie Laurie and Wee Merida Mouse Murderer. Perfect coats, perfect temperaments - I have high hopes for them!
A current photo of Czech republic import "Lancer" (pure working lines, sire and dam both IPO 3).  One helluva working dog with an amazing temperament. I liked him so much I imported his half sister ("Maulie") as well. She is a red.