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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Thank you to all the wonderful folks who gave loving homes to my pups this year and before that.  I deeply appreciate your decision to support an ethical preservation breeder working to produce sound, healthy, predictable purebred dogs.  I know you have choices when it comes to purchasing a dog, and you face pressures from the anti-dog groups like PETA and HSUS that work to stop the breeding of companion animals. Only the public can stop backyard breeding (Craig's List Breeders) and puppy mills (foreign and domestic) by not supporting them or the "retail rescue" groups that resale those dogs. 

 Thank you for partnering with me to produce healthy, sound,
 typey purebred dogs for loving homes!

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2021 (Spring) PLANNED Litters

I do encourage serious folks to contact me regarding reserving a 2021 pup.
I have some very nice litters planned.

DanBar Wee Mary Quite Contrary has been bred to Faehollow Dutch McBruns.  She is due November 3rd.  I have enough emails backlogged requesting cairns that at this time I am not accepting reservations for this litter - only for spring 2021 litters. 

I have two litters planned for spring 2021.


What a year 2020 has been!  And it just continues to be causing real issues with my breeding program. It was my intention to breed Huni to a fantastic working champion Doberman in Europe this year, but COVID has interfered with the ability to ship either her or the semen.  I am still checking on some options of healthy, European bred dogs in the USA but the number of quality, health tested dogs in the USA is discouraging. 

So at this time (mid September) I will either be breeding Huni to a stud to be announced or will repeat the breeding to IABCA Int. Ch. German Import, XDog vom Gerdautal, son of 2017 European Sieger Tahi-Reme Jedi.  To see pics of how the pups (now one year old) from that breeding turned out, CLICK HERE.

The XDog x Huni litter resulted in 10 fantastic pups.   

I have two breedings planned in the spring; both (hopefully!) will be using titled studs from Europe. 

I spare no expense in either health testing nor in the choosing of breeding partners.  My goal with every breeding is to produce "foundation quality" dogs that could head a kennel.  I invite you to compare my health testing with ANY other breeder in the United States.  The reason Doberman prices should be high is the cost of health testing and stud fees; if a breeder is using the stud in their backyard and doing little or no health testing - why the price as high as those who do it correctly?

I am a small hobby breeder and breed for myself first, keeping pups to improve my line each generation.  But I can't keep them all.  I get many more inquiries then I have available pups and most litters are sold out before they are bred. For information on how to reserve a pup click HERE.


Please take a look at what I have planned for late 2020/Spring 2021. 
I am accepting deposits for these 2021 litters at this time.
DanBar Darque Energy, Doberman female shown here at 5 months of age. 

My European Dobermans are bred for HEALTH, CHARACTER and BEAUTY. 

Darque is an example of the XDog x Huni breeding.  Fantastic pups!