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Marrone European Training Base  (Import: Czech Republic)  aka "Maulie"
OFA Hips: Preliminary very good
OFA Elbows: 
OFA Patella:  
OFA Eyes: NORMAL  DP-EYE1385/14F-VPI (04.24)
OFA Dental: 
OFA Thyroid:​ 
OFA Echocardiogram: NORMAL  (04.24) # Pending
24 Holter:  (Pending result)
DNA: vWD - Carrier  

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​*Please see my statement on breeding "carriers" HERE.
My dogs are too robust for what is currently winning in the AKC show ring, however I do want licensed judges to give me a written statement on my dogs, so I do go to IABCA International shows for this. 

Unfortunately when Maulie was just 4.5 months old she somehow, while playing with the other dogs, stepped in a hole and tore BOTH Achillie's heels (with growth plates attached!) off her hocks.  This was an epic horror show as the vets wanted 10 grand to pin the bone back but gave me only a 1 in 4 chance it would not result in either her euthanasia or being a cripple. Knowing a bit about orthopedic issues myself I opted to cast her for a couple weeks which gave her great relief and didn't slow her down one bit!  Within a month the bone had reattached, but not as far down her hock as it should normally be.  She has pain free action now and runs like a deer however I will not be able to show her due to her altered gate and stance. 

I am very happy to have established a relationship with two -time IDC (International Doberman Club) IPO3 World Champion Ludek Silhavy who resides in the Czech Republic.  Through him I have been able to purchase extremely well bred working line Dobermans without the uncertainty that goes with buying dogs sight unseen from strangers a half a world away.   Ludek is amazing; he not breeds and trains Dobermans to world class levels, but also boxers and German shepherd dogs!  And he breeds to with great care - using titled and health tested dogs.  I have found very few Doberman breeders in Europe who do ANY health testing, let alone extensive testing - so thank you Ludek for the care you take.  

After raising Lancer to a year and a half and being SO pleased with him I went ahead and purchased a half sister to Lance (same dam).  I am happy to announce that Marrone European K9 Training Base has arrived.  She is a lovely dark red with clear, rich markings. She has a very energetic temperament wanting to be engaged with me at all times. She already shows a strong desire to follow a track; she is everything you could want in a working bred bitch. Here at DanBar Ranch she is known as "Maulie". 

Her dam is a tough but very happy and humerous red bitch named, appropriately enough, Funny European K9 Training Base, IPO 3, ZTP SG1A, (and DCM 1 and 2 CLEAR). Funny herself is from an IPO 3 x IPO 3 breeding with many very well known working dog names behind her. Funny's health clearances include: HD A (hips perfect) Holter 24h/doppler/echo - CLEAR, eyes CLEAR, Dilute D/D, DCM1 clear, DCM2 clear.  The blood of IPO3 world champion Ataraxie's Big Ben is in her 2nd generation and IPO3 World Champion Ijuri von Warringhof in the 3th generation.

Her sire is Artus vom Ellersgrund, IPO3, FH, AD, ZTP SG1A, a healthy 8 year old dog at the time of his breeding to Funny to produce Maulie.  Artus' sire, the well known "Ataraxie's Big Ben" is well known as a spectacular working dog, with accomplishments such as IDC World IPO Champion (2014) IDC IPO World Champion (2013), Doberman Club IPO German National Championship, 2nd place (2012) and scores for his IPO I 98/90/99  IPO 2 100/95/93  IPO 3  97/93/99.  Quite a dog.   Artus vom Ellersgrund is a very high energy, pushy, dominant male. I will be posting videos of him working soon.

My plans for Maulie is to use her in my program of mixing the very best (and healthiest) of European show-line and working-line dogs.  Thinking out quite a bit, she will make an excellent partner for both DanBar Lord Drago and DanBar Soldat Aus Eiche. Very, very good things to come!

Funny K9 European Training Base, IPO 3, ZTP SG1A is Maulie's dam.  Maulie's sire is the 2015 AND 2017 Champion of the ALL BREED SP ÖGV-IPO Siegerprüfung, Colt vom Hermanns-Hanten. Her dam, Fram vom Jaspis, IPO 3, ZTP SG1A, is herself the result of the breeding of two IPO 3 Dobermans. 
Artus, IPO 3, FH, AD, ZTP SG1A is Maulie's sire. Artus' sire is the world renowned "World Champion (2017) Working Doberman" Ataraxie's Big Ben, IPO 3, ZTP SG1A, whose numerous working trial awards are amazing. 
My beautiful Maulie at 9 months of age.  For a working-line Doberman she is really pretty. I am so excited about seeing what she can add to the DanBar Dobermans!