DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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A Small, Serious Hobby Kennel in Goldendale, Washington, USA
We invite your inspection of ranch, dogs, health testing and breeding practices.

DanBar Ranch is a tribute to my beloved parents, Daniel and Barbara Jessup, long-time residents of West Seattle, WA. Dad was a captain for United Air Lines and mom worked tirelessly to give us kids a clean, safe, intelligent and loving home. Because of them, I was able to retire to the country and "live the dream" which is DanBar Ranch. Thanks, mom and dad, for instilling in me my love and respect for all animals, my ethics and my common sense - the best gifts parents can give their kids.  They were pure class. I hope where ever they are they can see into my heart and know how much I love them. 
DanBar Ranch: Home of
Good Temperament, Good Health And Old Fashioned Integrity

I've retired from 20 years as an animal control officer. My entire life has been dedicated to dogs, and you can read about my dog training and life as an author and international speaker on dogs HERE. 

I am not a commercial kennel. My hobby is to improve my chosen dog breeds by concentrating on health, temperament and original type - not winning ribbons at shows where exaggeration is encouraged, ultimately harming the breeds. I can't keep all the pups born, so I welcome those who appreciate the benefits of a serious breeding program, to share these wonderful dogs with me.  A breeder like me can't exist without responsible, wonderful, appropriate puppy buyers like YOU. I keep my prices reasonable to encourage you to buy a healthy, well-bred dog - not something off Craig's List. Because until puppy-buyers only support ethical breeders who microchip and take back their animals, we will always have "rescues" and euthanasia.  YOU - when you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder - help to stop puppy mills, backyard breeders and retail rescues - and stop the retail rescues.  For this I - and the dogs - thank you!  

Daniel Jessup and Barbara Clark Jessup when they were first dating. After her death my father added the note at bottom right which reads: Oct 1948 we met. Oct 2013 Barbie went on ahead. He passed exactly one year later. (R) Dad in the Navy as a pilot. 

3.20.23       UPDATED NEWS! 


I have Doberman and cairn pups on the ground.  Please email me for an application
for current or future pups.

Made the investment of buying my own cardiac HOLTER machine to make it much 
easier to get Holter readings on my Dobermans.  Good health continues to be my main concern.

Even if you decide to purchase a dog elsewhere, ​I encourage you to use this site to learn about  Cairn health and how to find an ethical breeder.  I also have quite a bit of info Doberman health and what kennels and dogs to avoid in Doberman pedigrees - and more HERE

MY DOGS ARE MY FAMILY - and the first thing I did when I retired is build the dogs their own private "dog park" by fencing in my 20 very remote acres. You won't find any dogs living in crates here!  DanBar Ranch is the home of "Cage Free Dogs and Chickens"!

"Engage - Don't Cage".
IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Lord Drago. Owned by DanBar Dobermans.
I'm a retired animal control officer, and my hobby is breeding exceptional Cairn terriers and European imported Dobermans.

Dog breeding - done correctly - is an expensive labor of love full of wonderful highs and devasting lows. A breeder must think in terms of years in advance in order to acquire compatible dogs, raise them to adulthood, health test them - all the while hoping for the best. 

My goal is to produce my own unique strain within the breed; dogs with uniquely exceptional health, appearance and temperament. I am strictly a hobby kennel - I do not breed for resale. I only breed when I need a dog for my program but I can't keep them all so a few exceptional quality pups become available by reservation. 
"Gristle" Female cairn pup owned by Jen Clere in GA.