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Getting On The DanBar Ranch "Reservation List"

STEP ONE: I only breed a few litters a year.  You will need to plan on reserving your pup in advance.  I think my above-average pups are well worth the wait, and it keeps me from selling to "impulse buyers" and the "Next Day Puppy" crowd.  

STEP TWO: Click HERE to see what litters are coming up, and which litters still have pups available. The earlier you get your name on the list, the higher up the list you will be for picking your puppy. 

STEP THREE: Read through this site, I have made it as educational as I can, to help you make an informed decision, no matter where you end up obtaining your puppy from.  Email me and I will send you several attachments with additional information. I will also send you a PUPPY APPLICATION.  

STEP FOUR: Send back your filled out puppy application.  I will call you and we can discuss any questions and decide together if one of my pups is a good fit for your lifestyle.  

STEP FIVE: When we have decided you are a good match for a DanBar Doberman or cairn, I will put your name on my reservation list.  THIS IS NON BINDING; if you find a puppy elsewhere that is fine.  I DO NOT TAKE DEPOSITS UNTIL THE LITTER IS 12 DAYS OLD. 

STEP SIX:  When a litter is born, and the pups are 12 days old, I will contact people on the reservation list, in order of the date they were added, and they will be given an opportunity to put down a $500 deposit to hold a puppy. Bear in mind many people will drop off the list in the time between signing up and a litter being born. 

STEP SEVEN: Deposits are accepted only by PAYPAL.  Remainder of payment due at time of pickup.

This picture shows part of my 20 acres which are completely dog-proof fenced. All dogs have access to the entire property. They play all day.

Questions on
 price, guarantees, shipping?


Buying a puppy is not like ordering a pair of shoes...

A breeder has no control over when the bitches will come in heat, how many puppies will be born, what sex the puppies will be, and what color the puppies will be!

I always keep at least one puppy from each litter, as I am breeding first and foremost for my own breeding program as I always strive for better and better dogs. 

So, please be patient! Fine dogs are well worth the wait!

I pride myself on not making outlandish claims about my dogs or charging ridiculous prices. You can't make money breeding Dobermans when you put the money back into extensive health testing and importing semen.  My dogs are not cheap but you will easily see why they cost what they do, unlike those breeders who use the male in their own backyard and don't bother to do extensive health testing.  Please educate yourself on health testing.  If I can be of any help, don't hesitate to contact me.  

ALL pups are reserved for 2021.
If you can wait till spring 2022, please email me.