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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Getting On The DanBar Ranch "Reservation List"

STEP ONE: email me (Dreadlives@outlook.com) and I will send you some pages from my puppy packet to familiarize you with my puppy protocol and an application. 

STEP TWO: Call me with any questions, fill out the application and send it back to me. 

STEP THREE: I will call or email you and we will decide if a DanBar pup is right for you and your situation.  If so, we will decide on which upcoming litter you would like your pup from.  At this point you will use PayPal to make a $500 deposit.

Unfortunately, due to abuses of my refundable deposit practice, I have had to make refunds non-refundable in order to make sure potential puppy buyers will give sufficient thought to their purchase before committing to it.  This way I do not disappoint other, more serious puppy buyers who are ready to commit.  DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE IF A PUPPY DOES NOT BECOME AVAILABLE.  Example, if you only want a male, and the litter does not have a male available, your deposit can be either refunded to you or put towards the next available litter - your choice.  

STEP FOUR: Reservations are made on a "first come, first served" basis. I have many more inquiries for my puppies than available animals, so if you are serious you will want to get your deposit in in a timely fashion.  I accept FOUR DEPOSITS for each litter, and after that I keep an "on deck" list for any puppies over four which are born. 

STEP FIVE:  You have now reserved a puppy from DanBar Ranch!  You will receive pictures and videos as your puppy grows up.  Final decisions on which pup goes to which home varies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.  This is to make sure the very best choice of a pup goes to the right home.