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About Diane Jessup and DanBar Ranch
My passion has always been dogs. I was probably the only little girl that didn't want a horse! I can only experience dogs as friends; I cannot see them as "breeding stock" or "investments" or locked in kennels (or worse, shipping crates). They are our species soul-mate, and they deserve to be at our side.

I have a soft spot for performance bred dogs - dogs with a purpose. All my life I have competed in "dogsports" where my dog partner and I played at things like weight pulling, obedience, tracking, herding, schutzhund and French ring. I've earned over 70 training titles on  my dogs and I'm proud to be a "positive marker trainer" (think clicker trainer). Here is a list of the types of titles I have earned on my dogs (mostly American pit bulls and Dobermans):

Multiple High In Trials in AKC obedience (CD, CDX) UKC (UCD, UCDX)
Multiple High In Trials in Schutzhund/IPO (SchH I, II, III, IPO I, II, III)
Man-Tracking Titles (AKC TD, TDX, SchH Tracking I, II, II, FH
Weight Pull Titles APA (WP I, II, III, IWPA WD, WDX, WDS Gold/Silver Medalist)
Herding ASCA (Started Trial Dog ducks/sheep) (with pit bulls!)
Championship (UKC)

I have donated several American pit bulls to Law Enforcement for explosives and narcotics detection work.   Thank you! to my friends who have helped me with this over the years. I now plan on donating one Doberman from each litter to law enforcement for detection work. 

Most breeders SAY they breed "working" dogs, but haven't a clue what it takes for a dog to be just that. If you don't title - you don't have the experience to really know. I am now disabled, and am extremely limited in what dogsport I can do, but my extensive experience allows me to help those who wish to do work or sport with their dogs.

The one and only thing a person takes with them into death is their personal honor. I despise those who think "getting away with something" is a virtue.  I have dedicated my life to stewardship to a couple different breeds; it is my hobby to try produce healthy, sturdy, happy, pups for people who will love them. 

Sadly, those dogs which should be THE healthiest, the SOUNDEST ad the MOST desired - the purebred dog - has fallen on hard times due to the greed of unethical breeders out for "easy money". As large professional kennels have gone away, we are now left with thousands of people who simply dabble in breeding. They have no real knowledge of structure, health issues or genetics.  These are the so called "backyard breeders".  And they have ruined many a pure breed of dog.

This website is designed to help you avoid those who are damaging our pure breeds. The history of purebreds is a special interest of mine (I am currently working on another book on this subject) so I want to encourage you to make choices which will be beneficial to dogs. 

Ethical breeders HEALTH TEST. Period. NO EXCUSES! They are PROUD to show you they care enough to want to produce only healthy animals. I mean, who wouldn't health test!? It is available, it is not that expensive and it is the ONLY way to responsibly manage health issues in pure breeds. 

Please go to my HEALTH TESTING INFORMATION page.  I do all possible OFA and DNA tests on my breeding dogs - and I do NOT breed animals which are "carriers" of diseases!

Dog lovers may enjoy my novel The Dog Who Spoke With Gods. It won the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award. 
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 to learn more about Diane and her dogs.

My occasional litters are produced
 for three reasons:

* To improve a breed through thoughtful breeding

* To be able to offer ETHICALLY BRED, HEALTH TESTED, SOUND puppies to people who don't want to support "retail rescue", puppy mills or the Craig's List type "backyard breeder". 

* Because dogs are my passion, and I can't think of a better way to spend my time!

PUPPIES MICROCHIPPED for their safety!
A friend made this for me and I LOVE it! Notice "Wee Mikey" in my vest? See pic at left for the real thing!