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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Lord Drago
​Height: 29"  Weight: 101 Lbs   
OFA Elbows: NORMAL DP-EL3902m31-VPI
OFA Patella: NORMAL DP-PA140/31M/P-VIP 
OFA Eyes: CLEAR DP-EYE755/34M-VPI (10/20)
OFA Thyroid:​ (Scheduled 1/22) Pending
OFA Heart:  ECHO: CLEAR DP-ACA386/53M-VPI (5/22)
DNA: PDK4 / DCM 1  (clear no copies)
DNA: DCM 2 (clear no copies)
24 Holter: 2/20 0 SVE / 0 VPC / 0 Vtach
DNA: vWD (clear)
DNA: DM (clear no copies) 

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"Lord" pictured here at 17 weeks
 of age.  
Lord's Sire:
Polish Import, Aimen Daker, IPO 2
OFA Hips: Good, Elbow: Normal, Thyroid: Good, DCM: 0 Copies, VWD: Clear

My dogs are too robust for what is currently winning in the AKC show ring, however I do want licensed judges to give me a written statement on my dogs, so I do go to IABCA International shows for this. 

Here are Lord's three critiques:

Judge 1: BEST OF BREED (4 in competition)
Very nice substance, coat correct, head a little blocky, Scissor bite, complete dentition, eyes acceptable, ears wide set, chest correct width and depth, would like more prosternum, back quarters correct, tail a little low set, topline correct, movement good - V1.

Judge 2: 
Heavy bones, balanced, coat thick and dark, head level planes, good underjaw, blunt wedge, Bite scissor, complete, Eyes dark, almond, Chest well developed for age, smooth neck into shoulders, Back Quarters balanced to front, slightly sloping croup, topline strong, level, movement balanced reach and drive - V1.

Judge 3:
Good male shape, coat good condition, head nice balance, scissor bite, eyes nice, dark, "keen" expression, ears good set, Chest good ribs and depth, fore quarters good reach, back quarters good drive, tail good set, a tad low croup, topline good and level, sound - V1.​
Everybody has their "ideal" Doberman in mind - Lord is pretty close to my  vision. 

He is a product of my very first Doberman litter, his sire being the very lovely Polish import Aimen Daker, IPO 2 and his dam my Huni.

Lord is lordly; he is a noble animal who greets humans as equals. He is kind but sober and serious and at 101 pounds he is large without being grossly oversized and "clunky". I hope to perhaps be able to title Lord if my health improves and he has shown great zest for man-work.  

My plan is to use Lord as a cornerstone for my DanBar Dobermans, mixing his amazing good looks, substance and rich markings with my working line bitches.   Needless to say, I am very excited for the future and what this Huni son can do for the breed. 
"Lord" pictured here at 6 months of age at schutzhund training.