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DanBar Ice Cold Katie
OFA Hips: (Waiting Results - looked great)
OFA Elbows:  (Waiting Results - looked great)
OFA Dental:  
OFA Patella: NORMAL  (10/22)
OFA Eyes:  NORMAL  (10/22)
OFA Thyroid:​ 
OFA Heart:  Echocardiogram - CLEAR (2022)
DNA: PDK4 / DCM 1 CLEAR (GenSol)
DNA: DCM 2  CLEAR (GenSol)
24 Holter:   (Pending results)
DNA: vWD  CLEAR (GenSol)

* Prelim results are not posted on OFA site. Contact me for copy of results​

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It is really hard for me to get "posed" shots here by myself, but here is one pic of Katie at 10 months of age. I WILL VERY SOON post new pics as she has matured into a TANK! 

Katie is a full sister to Darque Energy. While Darque is striking in her elegance, I'm crazy about Katie's stocky, robust, strong build - she is absolutely a throw back to the "old working style". I kept her because she reminded me so much of the good old fashioned hard-working guard dogs I worked with "back in the day" (1970s).

Katie has had one litter, and they were AMAZING so I am repeating it. She throws black and red pups.    

Ice Cold Katie is a VERY important ingredient in the DanBar recipe for recreating old style working Dobermans. She has the thick, weather-proof coat, robust bone, RICH markings and solid temperament I feel are the trademark of my dogs. 

Ice Cold Katie is dominant, loyal and loving to me, old-school Doberman. Her breeding is world class: her sire is the German dog I imported, XDog vom Gerdautal. XDog's sire is the 2017 European Show Sieger (Best Black Doberman in Europe for that year), Tahi-Reme Jedi, IPO I. XDog's dam was the German bitch Toxic vom Gerdautal, ZTP V1A. 
Katie's dam is my amazing foundation bitch, IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Hun Siccer, whose sire is an Italian import, and whose dam's sire was imported from Yugoslovia and dam from Serbia. 

The first breeding of my German import XDog vom Gerdautal to my European foundation bitch, DanBar Hun Siccer produced such uniform and fantastic dogs that I simply had to try it again.  I was not dissapointed!

I got the best of two worlds: sister Darque has the breathtaking elegance of the European show lines.  But Ice Cold Katie from the time she was 3 weeks old showed everyone that she was cut from a different cloth!  Oh boy! Tough in build and tough in personality!   She was the perfect addition to the "ingredients" I need to produce my ultimate goal.  Darque is the German engineering of a Mercedes-Benz SSK Count Trossi, Ice Cold Katie is a Panzer! 

Katie's sire is IABCA Int. Ch. XDog vom Gerdautal (German Import) a son of 2017 Sieger Tahi-Reme Jedi, IPO I, ZTP V1A and Toxic vom Gerdautal, ZTP V1A.  Her dam is my own IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Ranch Hun Siccer making her 100% European.  

Pictured below:  This is a young female out of DanBar Ice Cold Katie and my Czech stud Lancer.  She is a BIG girl with wonderful temperament.  Katie can throw reds.