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Kyro European Training Base  (Import: Czech Republic)  aka "Lancer"
OFA Hips: (OFA Prelim Good)
OFA Elbows: (OFA Prelim Normal)
OFA Patella:  NORMAL (10/22)
OFA Eyes: NORMAL (10/22)
OFA Dental: 
OFA Thyroid:​ 
OFA Heart:  Echocardiogram PERFECT  (2022)
DNA: PDK4 / DCM 1  CLEAR (VetGen)
DNA: DCM 2  CLEAR (VetGen)
24 Holter: Perfect! Pending OFA certification  Click HERE to see
DNA: vWD   Carrier (VetGen)*

CLICK HERE for Lancer's OFA page
CLICK HERE for Lancer's DNA page
CLICK HERE for Lancer's Pedigree

​*Please see my statement on breeding "vWD carriers" HERE.

Believe me, it is VERY nerve wracking to buy a dog from overseas - sight unseen.  Lots of money, lots of logistics, lots of anticipation about just what will walk out of the crate!  I have to say that of all my overseas dealings, working with European K9 Training Base was the smoothest - and resulted in my getting a splendid pup that exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend them to those thinking of importing a Doberman or a Boxer dog.  

Lancer is something else - but then, he should be with his genetics.  He is the sweetest guy, but with an intense work drive in all the important areas.  My nick name for him is "The Boy Wonder".  He is just a pup, but I really could not be more happy with him.  Being of pure working lines, he was purchased with the idea of breeding him to my my more "show-line" bred European Doberman girls. 

Lance's sire is the well known Ataraxie's Emil, IPO 3, SchH 3, FH 2, ZTP SG1A (DCM 1/2 Clear) a well known IPO competition dog in Europe.  His dam is Funny European K9 Training Base, IPO 3, ZTP SG1A,  (DCM 1/2 Clear), she herself from an IPO 3 x IPO 3 breeding.  

Lance has a very "open" pedigree, very little line or inbreeding; only two dogs are listed as being linebred on looking at his 5 generation pedigree, and these are the magnificent bitch Jotunheim's Brattah, SchH 3, IPO 3 and the dog, Italian Working Champion 2002 and 2003, Bingo vom Haus Astegg, SchH 3, IPO 3, ZTP V1A who lived to be 14 years old!

Lancer has gotten me so excited I am dreaming of titling him in IPO and AKC obedience!  My physical condition may not allow me, but for now it gives me a dream and a reason to fight through the pain each day.  
(Above) Popular stud dog Ataraxie's Emil, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 2, ZTP SG1A is Lancer's sire.
(Right) A great shot of Funny European K9 Training Base, IPO 3, Lancer's dam.  Both dogs have zero genetic mutations for DCM 1 and 2 and clear HOLTERS. 
​Picture of Lance is the day he turned 4 months old.
Czech Republic import Lancer, from world famous trainer Ludek Silhavy who is a 2 times IDC IPO 3 Champion.