DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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I spared no expense in putting up the "Taj Mahal of Chicken Coops" as my neighbors call it. Birds are safe and comfortable in their six hole breeding pen. 

Coop designed and built by Robert Whitman.
DanBar Ranch Heritage Fowl
Pumpkin Hulsey Crosses
white legs - straight comb

This is arguably the most beautiful of the game fowl. They are exceptionally friendly to humans.  Pictured is my brood cock "Agincourt III"  These birds do best when crossed. I cross this cock with the powerful Boston Roundhead spangled hen below, and with grey hens. 

Sorry, no pure Hulseys available. 

Quail sized trio: $250 (includes US shipping)
Fall pullet/stag pair: $250 (includes US Shipping)

History of the Pumpkin Hulseys

"Iwa Jima", my spangled Boston Roundhead brood hen. She is a stout, well built "power" hen.
I hope to be able to offer Partridge Rock laying stock  in 2020. These are absolutely beautiful birds who lay well. 
(Chickens in pics are not mine)