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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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DanBar Boston Terriers

for information on the DanBar Ranch policy on AKC "full" and "limited" registration.

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DanBar's Old Fashion Boston With A Nose (Bean)

DanBar's Jib Jab

DanBar Happy Romance (Happy)

DanBar Old Fashioned Girl (Namu)
DanBar's Jib Jab...  the little spot on top of her head is sometimes called the "Haggerty spot" after a famous line of Bostons long ago which often carried it.  I just call it her "on button". 

"The Bottom Line"

Bostons are one the the most enjoyable and joyful breeds around. But buying one takes a bit of research and caution these days. The popularity of French bulldogs and other brachycephalic (very short muzzle) dogs has caused a rise in the number of those who would breed the Boston just for a quick buck.  These folks cause great harm to the breed and great heartbreak to the families which end up with their unhealthy dogs.

I have put information on this site that I hope will help you in choosing your next little buddy regardless if it comes from me or not.  I just want to help folks select reputable breeders who care enough to do the health testing SO necessary to produce good, healthy Bostons.

My goal is to breed "old fashioned" Bostons that look and act like the dogs the creators of the breed had in mind. It means Bostons with enough muzzle to be able to run and play without struggling for breath. It means happy, kid loving dogs that can go with you on ALL your adventures.