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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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DanBar's Wee Bonnie, RATN  (Spayed and retired from breeding)

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Wee Bonnie is a spitfire!  She is absolutely sweet and loving with children and adults, and she enjoys playing with other dogs - but when the law needs to be laid down around the house, its going to be Wee Bonnie doing it! 

Look at the picture to the left... here Wee Mikey couldn't stand it any longer and just had to come see his puppies.  Bonnie allowed, but just...  notice the look on Mikey's face?  He knows he is in The Danger Zone and better watch his step!  Pups are raised under the computer table. ​

Wee Bonnie is quite often found hanging off of the rear leg of Druid, the American Pit Bull. I call her "The Fun Police", for if Druid starts to have too much fun, Wee Bonnie will be there to bring him back to earth.  Cairn terriers do NOT know they are small. 

Bonnie's temperament is so sweet. She loves people - any people - and adores children. The most endearing trait, I think, is the way she greets the livestock every morning, sitting up to touch noses with the horse, or goats, and wagging her tail at them just like they were people. Truly a loving dog. 

Recently Bonnie's patella (knee cap) tests came back with a grade one (the least severe, no symptoms, only observable through palpation) in one patella. She was also found to be a CMO carrier.  For this reason she has been removed from our breeding program, spayed and now reigns as Queen of DanBar.  I believe so strongly in health testing because I don't want my puppy buyers to experience the disappointment of a failed health test.  I am disappointed that there were issues, but I knew going into this that I would be having dissapointment along with triumphs.