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The Hyena got her name for her spirited and over the top prey drive as a pup. While she did calm down with maturity, into a sweet natured but still competent hunter, the name stuck.

"Hi" as she is called is my last direct Wee Mikey pup, and as such much treasured. She inherited all of his good traits such as fabulous temperament and fantastic hard, weather-proof coat. From her mom she got great health, sweetness, and a very correct structure from her maternal grandsire, an AKC champion.

I am currently purchasing a male that I think will match up well with Hi when her time comes to contribute to the family line.  Hi is of correct size for a cairn; small enough to fit after vermin - but mighty. 

The Hyena was retained for my breeding program due to her correct coat, perfect smaller size, terrier spirit and sound, loving nature. She is a perfect blend of my foundation dogs Wee Mikey and Wee Bonnie with Twizzle. She is linebred on AKC Ch. Higgin's Checkov.
DanBar The Wee Hyena
OFA Hips: (pending)
OFA Elbows: (pending)
OFA Eyes:  NORMAL  CT-EYE247/16F-VPI  (12/23)
OFA Dentition: (pending)
OFA Heart: NORMAL CT-BCA59/16F/C-VP (12/23)
DNA Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR
DNA Hemophilia B (Cairn Terrier Type):  CLEAR  
DNA Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy: CLEAR 
DNA Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO):  CLEAR

CLICK HERE for  The Hyena's OFA and DNA Health Page
CLICK HERE for The Hyena's Pedigree Page

Sire: DanBar Wee Mikey, RATN, CHIC
Dam: DanBar Wee Scottish Pagan

The Wee Hyena 

"The DanBar Type"...

Every serious breeder is breeding toward their dream of producing a "type" of dog which will make their heart go pitty-pat!

In my case I put emphasis on correct size and shape paired with a bold, friendly terrier attitude. My personal goal is to produce CORRECT, workman like cairn coats - something quite rare today.

TOP UPPER LEFT: This is The Hyema's mom, "Wee Scottish Pagan, a Wee Mikey bitch out of Twizzle. A stunning girl. 

TOP UPPER RIGHT: AKC Ch. Higgin's Chekov, Wee Pagan's grandfather.

BOTTOM: My foundation sire, the late, great DanBar Wee Mikey, RATN, CHIC.  The Hyena is my last pup directly from old Mikey, making her much valued. 
The Wee Hyena and Wee Merida