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​My wonderful Mary!  Mary is a second generation DanBar cairn, and has inherited her father's perfect coat. Dad is Wee Mikey and her mom is DanBar Wee Annie.  Mary is a very sweet, very feminine bitch, however, she has a streak of toughness in her that comes out if vermin come on the scene.  She is the most "cuddly" of my cairns, wanting to be in physical contact whenever possible. 

My favorite thing about Mary is that she inherited Wee Mikey's rare, HARD coat; it is totally weather and burr proof, which is very handy here on the ranch.  Wee Mary loves children and is a pretty, sound little bitch. 

Wee Mary was killed in a freak accident and the loss to my breeding program, and to me personally, was very hard.  Mary was the pride of my cairn breeding program and a sweet friend.

I consider myself very, very lucky to have decided to keep two pups from her last litter, two really nice pups, Wee Heckle and Wee Jeckle.  I have a lot of hope that these two Mary look-alikes will enable me to keep the best of Wee Mary forever in my DanBar Cairns.  

Rest in peace my little girl. 
DanBar Wee Mary Quite Contrary, CHIC
OFA Patellas: NORMAL  CT-PA262/27F/P-VPI
OFA Advanced Heart: NORMAL (2019) CT-ACA33/15F-VPI
DNA Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR
DNA Hemophilia B (Cairn Terrier Type): CLEAR  
DNA Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy: CLEAR 
DNA Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO): CLEAR CT-CMO17/4F-PI
CHIC Qualified: #152804

Sire: DanBar Wee Mikey, RATN, CHIC
Dam: DanBar Wee Annie

*Sadly, Wee Mary was killed in an accident before she could complete all her OFA testing.  Her death was a hard blow to my breeding program, as she was my ideal cairn.