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Color: Wheaton
OFA Eyes: NORMAL (10/23)
OFA Patellas: CT-PA291/24F/P-VPI NORMAL
OFA Advanced Heart: CT-BCA14/24F/P-VPI CLEAR (10.23)
DNA Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR
DNA Hemophilia B (Cairn Terrier Type): CLEAR  
DNA Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy: CLEAR 
DNA Craniomandibular Osteopathy CMO: CLEAR 
DanBar's Wee Scottish Pagan
The Wee Mikey x Twizzle  cross always produced really exceptional pups.  Wee Pagan was my pick to stay here at DanBar to help me continue my family of dogs.  She has a useful coat and calm personality. I'm excited about what her genetics can do for my goal of producing a family of dogs with predictable appearance, coat and temperament.

Below are the OFA results for her sire and dam, showing she comes from clear parents.  Pagan is one of the few cairn terriers in America to have BOTH parents be CHIC certified by the AKC. CLICK HERE to learn about what CHIC means.  

DanBar Wee Mikey, RATN, (CHIC) :   CLICK HERE
Marma's All Around Haley The Comet (CHIC) :  CLICK HERE

Pagan injured her right ear as a wee pup, and it developed a large hematoma. This caused the base to "crinkle" a bit, and since I don't show my dogs I didn't worry about it. It is all healed now, but does not stand straight up. So if you are wondering why she doesn't show an ear some time, that's why.
Good With Kids?  Above Pagan shown with her week old litter.  The child is a complete stranger who came with her family to visit the dogs.  My dogs are trusting and friendly - even with a newborn litter!