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HEALTH TESTING - THE Difference Between EXELLENT Breeders and the rest...
It's this simple:

1) Health testing is for ALL breeding dogs - not just show dogs - ALL dogs deserve a sound body

2) There is NO excuse for a breeder to not health test - NONE.  But you will hear plenty of excuses!

3) Health testing is easy and straightforward - this site will show you everything you need to know

4) As a puppy buyer the future of YOUR breed is in your hands; the kind of breeder YOU SUPPORT matters
PLEASE support breeders who put money back into their breed by health testing!


Educate yourself on your breed's specific issues.

Each breed faces challenges of both a closed breeding population and the lack of natural selection (necessary to keep organisms healthy) due to being protected from natural selection (culling) by humans.  To learn what health issues your breed faces CLICK ON the picture of the dog below matching your breed. PLEASE NOTE: these tests are determined by the "AKC parent club" for each breed and are the MINIMUM testing recommended.  Please note I do much more extensive testing than required by the CHIC program.  Please note also that a dog with a "CHIC" number does NOT MEAN THEY PASSED the tests, just that they were tested.  


Health Testing 101

Everything YOU need to know about health testing

"Anyone who charges money for a purebred puppy must put money back into health testing to protect and repay that breed and to be considered a reputable breeder."
                                               Diane Jessup

A little extra research on your specific breed:

The above CHIC information represent the BARE MINIMUM health testing suggested by each breed's AKC parent club. It does NOT represent all the issues each breed face.  Example: the Boston terrier club - a breed with SERIOUS health issues - are concerned with only eye health, patellas (knee caps) and deafness! This is a breed with SERIOUS breathing issue, rampant hip dysplasia and a specific spine deformity which causes severe pain and death in affected dogs. Considering their are OFA tests for tracheal hypoplasia, hip dysplasia and hemivertebrae, there is NO excuse for the parent club to not recommend these tests! Believe me, watching a dog suffer and ultimately have their quality of life destroyed by any of these issues is horrific.  Listed below are links to help you understand ALL the major issues facing your breed.