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100% Imported European
 Working and Show Line Dobermans

Meet the finest selection of pure working and show-line European Dobermans in the Americas.  No other kennel so carefully selects - and rejects* - the dogs they use.  No other kennel blends together the diverse "types" of the rugged working line and noble show line dogs to develop a family of dogs with the positive attributes of both. I import my own dogs.  But the biggest difference is my honesty about the health issues in this breed.  All OFA/DNA health testing results are open and available to all - no excuses. 

You pay good money for a fine dog; make sure you are dealing
 with someone with experience, knowledge and ethics.
 Don't pay more for less...

The DanBar European Dobermans
"For those who know the difference between European butter and American margarine." 

CLICK HERE for important info on health testing for the Doberman
 including info on new DCM 3 and 4 tests for European Dobermans

CLICK HERE for information on "diversity" and "in-breeding"

Current Dogs In My Breeding Program:

IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Lord Drago  "Lord" (Sire: Polish Import IPO 2 - show line)

IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Darque Energy "Darque" (Sire: German Import son of Sieger)

Kyro European K9 Training Base "Lancer"  (Czech Import - working line)

DanBar Soldat Aus Eiche "Soldat" (Sire Finish Import IPO 3, FH - work/show hybrid)

DanBar Ice Cold Katie  "Katie" (Sire: German Import son of Sieger - show line)

Marrone European K9 Training Base "Maulie"  (Czech Import - working line)

DanBar Demanet (aka: Lil Diane)  (Sire/Dam: Czech Imports - working line)

Stud Dogs Used:

Amen Daker, IPO 2  (Polish Import - show line)

Way Out West Guilty As Charged, IPO 3, FH  (Finish Import - work line)

Dogs Formerly In My Breeding Program:

IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Ranch Hun Siccer "Huni" (European show line)

​IABCA Int. Ch. XDog vom Gerdautal "XDog" (German Import - show line)

Ceci Doberpassion (Portuguese Import - work line)

*To date I have gone through the expense of importing and health testing three Dobermans which I have rejected from my breeding program.  This is one of the reasons ethical breeders don't make money breeding dogs!

DanBar is the only
 PURE EUROPEAN Doberman breeder in the US who is weaving together pure show-lines with genetically unique pure working-line dogs. This increases diversity, health and improves character. Beautiful dogs with working drive.  Absolutely world class foundation quality breeding dogs available as well as healthy, beautiful sport dogs and family guardians.