DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Please find here pictures of my Dobermans and their offspring. 
DanBar Doberman Picture Gallery   Page 1
DanBar Ranch dogs have access to 20 fully dog proof fenced acres of pasture and pine forest.  They spend a great deal of time chasing ground squirrels.
"Hexe", female pup from the first breeding of Huni to Aimen Daker.  Here at 11 months of age.  Now living in Seattle
DanBar Hexe at a 4 month old pup. 
Look at the bone on this girl!
My beautiful Huni.
DanBar Ranch in the background. I picked this wonderful place with my dogs in mind. Lots of room to run safely (entire 20 acres is dog proof fenced).  I give my dogs what I feel is the very best quality of life possible. 
My beautiful Huni at only 8 months old.