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Is A Doberman Right For You/What A Doberman Needs
PLEASE! First, understand that MANY Dobermans today are bred to be "generic" in temperament. By that I mean not bred for the specific work the breed was developed for, but rather just for house pet or show ring.  Many breeders just want a Doberman that LOOKS like a Doberman, but is as goofy as a Labrador, with an "easy" temperament, making them no more challenging to own than a cocker spaniel. 

I'm speaking of Dobermans bred to be DOBERMANS. Dogs with the specific traits which should be unique to the breed. This is a Doberman which is loving, loyal, temperamentally sound, but capable of being trained for police, military, dogsport or personal protection; what it was develop for.

So obtaining a true Doberman takes thoughtful consideration. Consideration of not only what YOU want, but what the DOG needs and wants. Please educate yourself as to how well you, your family, your situation, your environment and your interests mesh with those of the canine companion you plan to spend your life with.

I was an animal control officer for over 20 years: the most common reason people turn their dogs into the shelter was one thing - incompatability between dog and owner!

People who think a dog's character is a result of "how you raise them" are far too often sadly distressed to find that the dog they thought to shape to their whims responds instead to DNA traits which will not be denied. 

A Doberman is a Doberman - not a Basset hound - because of that DNA. While dogs are individuals, the better bred ones WILL exhibit strong breed characteristics. 

PLEASE! Be fair to your dog - make sure you are an appropriate fit with this breed.

​The Doberman was developed as a dog to work with police and military forces. He served with distinction in both World Wars and on police forces around the world. He was the original dog of choice of the United States Marine Corp. Today, he should still be bred with this purpose in mind. Specific traits for specific jobs define purebred dogs.
Absolutely not! It all depends on what kind of job the breeders do, what traits they breed for, and individual genetic expression.  Every dog is an individual, but a dog breed represents a group of animals bred FOR SPECIFIC TRAITS; so there are a few things you can (or should be able to!) count on when you purchase a Doberman.
What should you expect from a properly bred Doberman? The following are common traits found within 
WELL BRED members of the breed:

  • High Activity Level - Require A LOT of Exercise

  • High Intelligence - Dominant Personality

  • Aggression Toward Strange Dogs/Strange People

  • Intense Loyalty

  • Good Aptitude For Training

However not all breeders are careful; some breed ONLY for show wins, some just put two Dobermans together without careful planning hoping to sell expensive puppies to unsuspecting buyers. For this reason, particularly in America, the following are common traits found within POORLY BRED members of the breed:

  • Hyper Activity - Inability To Settle

  • Low Intelligence - Instability 

  • Aggression Toward Friends and Family

  • Cowardice, shyness, sound sensitivity

  • Lazy, generic "couch potato" personality; no work drive

What Does A Doberman Need From You?

Obviously, a dog can survive in just about any situation, but to be fair to this intelligent, active working breed, please give some thought to the following: 

TIME: Do you have the time EVERYDAY to exercise, train and give companionship to your dog?

APPROPRIATE FACILITIES: Please, please, respect your dog enough to provide APPROPRIATE daily quarters for him or her.  Despite the current fad started by "no kill" proponents (who clean out their facilities by selling dogs to inappropriate homes) DO NOT keep your large, active Doberman in a SHIPPING crate for hours at a time! THIS IS INHUMANE!  A Doberman requires a well thought out and secure tether or kennel within a fenced yard.  CLICK HERE for ideas.  A Doberman is NOT an apartment dog, nor is it a wise (or humane) choice for city living unless you are able to spend a lot of time working with the dog.

A JOB: Herr Dobermann and others who developed the breed selected for traits which make the dogs active, intelligent and willing. The are bred for work, and to be at its best, a Doberman enjoys a job.  This can be any kind of Dog Sport, such as obedience trials, tracking competitions, agility; just so the dog spends time learning and doing with you.