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DanBar Darque Energy
​Height:  Length:  Weight:  Lbs   
OFA Hips: Prelim 13 months GOOD  app #2159555 *
OFA Elbows: Prelim 13 months NORMAL app #2159555 *
OFA Dental: DP-DE317/13F-VPI (Correct)
OFA Patella: DP-PA-141/13F/P-VPI (Normal)
OFA Eyes: DP-EYE845/16F-VPI Normal (4/21)
OFA Thyroid:​ (Not old enough)
OFA Heart: DP-ACA552/16F-VPI NORMAL (10/20) 
DNA: PDK4 / DCM 1  (1 clear /1 mutated copy) 
DNA: DCM 2 ( 2 clear copies)
24 Holter:  NORMAL (all 0s)  04/21
DNA: vWD (clear)
DNA: DM (clear no copies) 
DNA: Narcolepsy (clear no copies)

* Prelim results are not posted on OFA site. Contact me for copy of results​
I consider Darque an extremely valuable asset to my breeding program.  I will be breeding her to the very best European dogs I can access. 
Darque at 9 months.
Darque (left) at 9 months of age with her mother Huni (right).​
Darque at 5 months.
DARQUE'S IABCA International Championship Information:

(To be shown spring 2021)

Judge 1: 

Judge 2: 

Judge 3:

I have to say I think Darque one of the prettiest Doberman bitches I've seen!  She has the European look without the stuck out pigeon chest, has dark mahogany markings, angulation which is neither too steep nor too extreme. Unlike an American bred bitch she has solid bone and powerful neck and legs that allow her to do bitework without concern for injury. I'm crazy about her.

Darque's sire is IABCA Int. Ch. XDog vom Gerdautal (German Import) a son of 2017 Sieger Tahi-Reme Jedi, IPO I, ZTP V1A and Toxic vom Gerdautal, ZTP V1A.  Darque's dam is my own IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Ranch Hun Siccer so she is 100% European.  She has her mother's sense of wicked humor and gentle nature.

Due to Darque inheriting one DCM 1 mutated gene from XDog she will only be bred to DCM 1/DCM 2 clear studs. Any pups inheriting the DCM 1 mutation will be altered. Only by this kind of strict discipline and sacrifice can disease finally be eliminated from our breed.  Please feel free to discuss DCM with me if you have any questions. Nobody has all the answers but I do extensive research on this subject as I consider it the most important issue in the breed today.