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"Huni" shown here at 15 months of age. 
Int. Ch. DanBar Ranch Hun Siccer 
I am not a fan of the AKC show ring. The show ring, with its emphasis on extremes in type and lack of concern with temperament have ruined many breeds. In America, a dog enters and leaves the ring a winner or a loser - and no one has any idea why. Judges do not explain their decisions, so little education can happen ring side for dog owners. Dogs compete against each other, with First Place often going to a poor specimen who is "best of a bad lot". 

The Europeans have a much better system. Dogs are judged against the standard, so that if there are two or more very good dogs, they can ALL receive the coveted "V" (Excellent) rating.  As well, if there is NO dog of sufficient quality to earn a "V", the "V" title can be withheld. Best of all, dog owners receive a written critique of their dog from which they can learn the good and bad points of their animal. 

There is an organization which now offers European style shows. A dog can earn its "International Champion" title if it receives a score of "V1" (Excellent) three times under judges from at least two different countries. This title should not be confused with the "Int. Ch." which a dog earns by winning its championship in three or more countries.  

I don't take these titles too seriously, however I do find the written critiques helpful. I prefer that people interested in my dogs hear what an impartial person has to say about them than just me.  So listed below are the three written critiques Huni received from AKC judges while earning her Int. Ch. title at 15 months of age. ​

Judge 1: 
Lovely profile; nice coat texture; pretty head; bite correct; eyes nicely shaped per standard; nice chest, nice forechest; great layback, heavily muscled; nice bend of stifle; nice top line, a little thick due to being in whelp, pretty side gait, clean coming and going - V1.

Judge 2:
Feminine; good coat color and texture; moderate stop, very expressive; correct scissor bite; eyes dark; good ear set and crop; chest well defines; front quarters clean, good reach; back quarters clean, good drive; tail correct set and length; topline firm and level; movement balanced - V1.

Judge 3:
VERY SERVICABLE, older fashioned; coat good and hard; bite good, eyes dark, set inii well; chest well filled; both fore and back quarters well balanced, clean; topline hard and level; movement very balanced - V1.

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OFA Health Clearance Page

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 DNA Health Clearance Page
Int. Ch. Serbian Jr Ch 
Neven Lipar Land
(Serbian Import)
vWD clear
Maternal Grandsire
Height: 26"    Length: 26"     Weight: 77 lbs.     Black # 3   DOB: July 21, 2016
OFA Hips: GOOD DP-17607G38F-VPI
OFA Elbows:  NORMAL DP-EL3704F38-VPI
OFA Eyes: NORMAL DP-EYE437/43-VPI (current 2.20)
OFA Thyroid: Clear DP-TH1647/19F-PI
OFA Dentition: Full and Correct
OFA Patellas: Normal
OFA Advanced Heart: Good  DP-ACA201/43F-VPI   ECHO: Clear (2018) (20)
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
DNA Dilated Cardiomyopathy (PDK4/DCM1): Clear  (DCM2):  Clear
24 Holter: 2/20  0 SVE / 0 VPC / 0 Vtach
DNA Narcolepsy: Clear
DNA von Willebrand (vWD): Clear
DNA MDR1 (Drug Sensitivity): Clear
In my opinion, all four of the grandparents are where you look when considering a dog's genetic makeup.  It is a well known fact that many traits "skip a generation". In my own breeding experience I have found that pups more closely resemble grandparents than parents.  For this reason, I present here "Huni's" grandparents. Further pedigree on following page. Where possible, you can click on the dog's name to get much more information and even videos of the dog.
Ch. Titus Tarantula v Jahrestal
Champion of Slovenia, Montenegro
 and Bosnia. 
Eyes clear, HD free and vWD Clear
Paternal Grandsire
Extasy Di Cassa Wikita
 (Slovenian import)
Paternal Granddam
Yanna Black Novak
Hips HD A, Elbows  clear, Eyes Clear
 vWD clear, DCM DNA clear
Maternal Granddam