DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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A Small Hobby Kennel and Poultry Farm
Located In Goldendale, Washington

Welcome to DanBar Ranch

Home of:
Good Temperament, Good Health 
And Old Fashioned Integrity

I've retired from 20 years as an animal control officer. My entire life has been dedicated to dogs, and you can read about my dog training and life as an author and international speaker on dogs HERE. 

It is my joy to work to produce wonderful, healthy dogs and share them with people who will appreciate their great qualities as companions.  Home of "cage free dogs"!

DanBar Ranch is a tribute to my beloved parents, Daniel and Barbara Jessup, long-time residents of West Seattle, WA. Dad was a captain for United Air Lines and mom worked tirelessly to give us kids a clean, safe, intelligent and loving home. Because of them, I was able to retire to the country and "live the dream" which is DanBar Ranch. Thanks, mom and dad, for instilling in me my love and respect for all animals, my ethics and my common sense - the best gifts parents can give their kids.  They were pure class. I hope where ever they are they can see into my heart and know how much I love them. 

Daniel Jessup and Barbara Clark Jessup when they were first dating. After her death my father added the note at bottom right which reads: Oct 1948 we met. Oct 2013 Barbie went on ahead. He passed exactly one year later.
Diane Jessup, author of The Dog Who Spoke With GodsThe Working Pit Bull, and co-author with Louis Colby of Colby's Book of the APBT. Pictured here with her beloved American pit bull, Boldog Butchie, WDS. Black bitch above left is Boldog Freakshow, B, WDS, TR1 a pit bull and my cherished friend for 10 years.

Boy do I have spring fever! Can't wait to put in a big garden this year now that my spine is fixed. If you visit this summer I hope to send you home with fresh veggies and fresh eggs! 

TO LEFT: 100% European Doberman pup, here 5 months old, in his fantastic new home. This was our German import IABCA Int. Ch. XDog vom Gerdautal's first litter, and we could not be more pleased at the results. XDog is being bred to IABCA Int Ch DanBar Maze 01.01.20. Pup at left is XDog bred to Maze's sister, IABCA Int Ch DanBar Hun Siccer. 

Check out the PLANNED BREEDINGS page to see what is coming up. Deposits are coming in quickly, to avoid disappointment, email me today. 


To avoid disappointment in 2020 email me today!

Am I the breeder you are looking for?
I do FULL OFA/DNA health testing; I invite your inspection of my premises; I offer lifetime support/take back service; this is my passion - not my means of support. All animals honestly represented.​ No pressure; I want the right dog in the right home. "Cage/crate free" fully fenced 20 acres for happy, healthy dogs! Yes, its insane here, but its a good kind of insane! LOL! 

Does trying to buy a healthy, sound puppy make you feel like this?

I get it. You don't want a SHOW DOG. You just want a great buddy; but a well-bred dog. And you also want to do right by dogs and not support a puppy mill, backyard breeder or someone screwing up dogs just to win show ribbons.  This site is designed to give you resources to educate yourself about how to find a great pup - and also support ethical breeders.  This resource page (under construction) will help.


ALL Pups and Fowl sold by RESERVATION only!

for info on how to start the reservation processes.
Five month DanBar Ranch Doberman pup out of our German import stud.