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  DanBar Soldat Aus Eiche  
OFA Hips: (scheduled)
OFA Elbows: (scheduled)
OFA Dental: (scheduled)
OFA Patella: (scheduled)
OFA Eyes: NORMAL (04.24)  # pending
OFA Thyroid:​ 
OFA Echocardiogram:  NORMAL (04.24) # pending
DNA: PDK4 / DCM 1 - No Mutations 
DNA: DCM 2 - No Mutations
24 Holter: Perfect! 04/04/24 See Here

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Sire:  Way Out West Guilty As Charged, IPO 3, FH (Finland Import)
Dam: DanBar Ranch Hun Siccer  (Yugoslavia/Italian)

                                Donak von der Sonnenleite, IPO 2, FH 2
                    Ataraxie's Big Ben, IPO 3  IDC Working Ch. 2013, IDC ViceChampion 2014
                                Lucy v. Schmiedbauergut, IPO 3, SchH 3, AD
        Way Out West Guilty As Charged, IPO 3 (Finish Import)
                                Puma v. Eschenbruch, IPO 3, SchH 3, FH 2
                    Red Label's Madame Madventure, IPO I
                                Bernadette v. Maindreieck

DanBar Soldat Aus Eiche  (100% Imported European Bloodline)

                                Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia Ch Titus tarantula von Jahrestal IPO 3 
                    Eros Di Titus Von Apoloa
                                 Extasy Di Cassa Wikia
        IABCA Int. Ch. DanBar Ranch Hun Siccer (Yugoslavian/Italian)
                                Int. Ch. Neven Lipar Land
                    Caliapy De Britton
                                Yanna Black Novak
Soldat's sire was chosen for his working ability and the health of his ancestors.  His sire is a very nice, solid dog. Placed 3rd in IPO 3 at the DVG Western Regionals in April 2021. His dam, my Huni, is a SOLID bitch that represents everything good about the European Doberman.  

Soldat is one of the better looking working line Dobermans out there (thanks no doubt to his mom's genetics). Soldat came back to live with me when his owners had life changes.  He is a true gentleman who is completely tolerant of the cairn terriers.  He is friendly, solid and a big, good looking dog. A favorite with everyone who meets him. 

I believe in crossing the two very distinct lines of European Doberman - the pure working lines (for character, health and longevity) and the pure show lines (looks). Soldat is the result of one of these outcrosses, and his genetics will now be blended with my other dogs which include two Czech import pure working line dogs and my beautiful show-line dogs.  No other kennel offers this kind of depth of genetics.