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Health Testing - Part 2
 Why YOUR Role In Health Testing Is SO Important...

You may be wondering how you, as a puppy buyer, have a role in health testing. Actually, puppy buyers have THE MOST IMPORTANT role in the future of their favorite breed.  If you as a puppy buyers don't demand health testing, don't support those breeders who health test, or accept dogs from shelters and rescues which were bred by backyard breeders, you are having a strong negative influence on the future of your breed.

So called "backyard breeders" (folks who produce litters with little or no thought or effort, and put nothing back into the breed in the way of money spent health testing, etc.,) can offer puppies at a reduced price since any money they get is pure profit. They don't pay stud services as they use their own stud or a friends. They don't health test their breeding dogs, or do at most one or two tests to make an appearance of health testing.  They do not spend money on exhibiting their dogs to get independent evaluations of their conformation or working ability.  They are not "breeders", they are only people letting two dogs breed and produce pups.

EVERY person who buys a dog off "Next Day Puppy" or Craig's List or any other source where the breeding dogs are not health tested and the breeders not serious, is assuring that their favorite breed will continue to decline in health, character and quality.  

It matters where you buy your dog.  It matters what kind of breeder you support.


You will hear just about every excuse imaginable for why some people don't health test their breeding dogs.  I know, I've heard them all. 

"Costs too much!" (from those who charge a ton of money for their pups!)

"I can tell my dogs are fine" (X-ray vision, I guess.)

"My dogs have never had any issues" (Impossible to know if you don't test!)

"It's ok to breed a carrier, most the pups will be clear" (why breeds have diseases that could be wiped out in a few generations)

"I test but don't send in the results" (really? why? what are you hiding? Why not help increase the database to help our breeds?)

"I don't breed show dogs, just pets" (so pets don't need to be healthy?)

"Health testing somehow harms the dog" (uhm, no.)

"My breed doesn't have any serious health issues" (check the OFA site for information on that)