DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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The cairns love winter and will stay out all day in the snow if given half a chance. I have to laugh though, because Wee Bonnie (now spayed and retired from breeding) has put on quite a bit of weight and barely fits down the quad tire track! LOL!
IS there anything cutier than baby Wee Mikey?
Sepsie the "Whoopsiedoodle". A "whoopsiedoodle" is what I call the pups which result when Wee Mikey (naughty, naughty, dog!) breeds one of the Bostons. Cause they ARE a "whoopsie".  But... they ARE cute, awesome little dogs!
Darque the Doberman and Wee Mikey waiting to see if Druid produces the goods.
This time its Twizzle who wants my help to get her puppies back from Jibby.  Pups are born and spend first 4 weeks under my computer desk in the kitchen. 
Jib Jab (Jibby) says: "They aren't my babies but I don't care!"
Huni (Doberman) is an obsessed hunter as is Bean (Boston). Lizards and ground squirrels are the preferred big game around here. 
Just had to throw this one of my parents in... This was taken about the time they became engaged I believe!  LOL!  
The only day of the month I wish I was married... LOL!