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The Whoopsiedoodles… 
I'm embarrassed to say that Wee Mikey has done it... again.
Wee Mikey is a cairn terrier stud who, frankly, is smarter than me and has once again got ahold of one of my Boston terrier bitches while she was in heat. He did this once before, so I am able to share what the cross looks like.  However, it is NOT my intention to crossbreed dogs!  I am a vocal opponent of "designer dogs" (mutts) so this is embarrassing!  All I can say in my defense is that Wee Mikey is VERY determined (and strong) and because my dogs don't live in kennels or crates, accidents can happen.  Yes, it would be easier if they were locked away in crates or kennels, but that's not how I keep my dogs.

I call them Whoopsiedoodles as a tongue-in-cheek laugh at the "doodle" breeders who think crossing a poodle with some other breed makes anything but a crossbred dog.  Both Wee Mikey and Bean the Boston are FULLY HEALTH TESTED (more than most breeders you will ever find) with both DNA and OFA testing. You can see their test results here:  WEE MIKEY   BEAN   

So, the good news is, it may be an accidental litter, but the parents are well bred dogs, fully health tested.  My whoopsies are raised with the same care and nurturing as any of my pups, receiving the same vaccinations and wormings, and are microchipped with lifetime registration of the chip already paid for by me. 

​These pups should mature to between 17 and 21 pounds.  Their coat will be thick, but not long.  They will be friendly and love children. They will be perfect boating companions, hikers, or great little competition dogs for Barn Hunt or Agility. I am selling the Whoopsies for $400.  This covers their raising, their vaccines, worming and microchip/registration and puppy packets. Any left over goes into the pot for dog food and health testing of their parents.

Born Sept 12, 2019.  To reserve a pup, email me at Dreadlives@outlook.com

This is "The Man" and his name says it all. Look  at that head! He is going to be (and is) a hunka hunka buring love. 
Sorry no vid right now...
Drake is a character! Names after resourful Paul Drake (Perry Mason) this guy is playful!  To see his video at 5.5 weeks, CLICK HERE
Named for my hero Perry Mason, this little black brindle guy is bold. Look at his expression; he is ready for the world. To see his video at 5.5 weeks, CLICK HERE
My little dude! Love this guy. Those eyes! I call him "Sir". Lightest brindle of the males. To see his video at 5.5 weeks,
Below are pics of sisters and brothers of these pups from the first "whoops" litter. This shows you what they end up looking like. 18 to 21 pounds of great, rugged, non barking little companion.