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Would you like to sponsor
a Detection Dog puppy?

For a donation which will help defray feeding and veterinarian costs of the puppy in training, you will be allowed to name the K-9 and will be kept informed on the dog's progress as well as being noted on this site as a donor. 

Donations are NOT tax deductible; I'm not a 501c3. I'm just a retired dog catcher on a pension trying to help the breed reclaim its heritage as a true working breed that mankind can depend upon. 

For more information, contact me at: Dreadlives@outlook.com


to read an article in BARK Magazine on my LawDogs USA program which donated pit bulls to Law Enforcement. 


for video showing news coverage of my program and how I train.
DanBar Ranch LE Detection Dog Donation Program
Years ago I started a program meant to help the image of the American pit bull, which was going through a "fad panic" as a result of rapidly becoming a "fad dog" with resulting poor breeding and owner management. The American pit bull is an unbelievably deserving breed - but it was never meant to be owned by every "Tom, Dick and Harry" who had no idea how to respect the dog's long history as a tough dog developed to handle bulls, bears, boars and later, to survive pit fighting with its own kind.  No other breed is - when well bred - kinder and more dependable with people, but once the media and "humane" societies cast the dog as some kind of man-killing maniac, high risk dog owner types wasted no time in making the hype a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

In an effort to help the breed's image, I donated several purebred American pit bulls to the Washington State Patrol explosives and narcotics detection dog program. All dogs donated became trained K9s, and served with distinction either with the WSP or other LE agencies. 

The Doberman took its turn as a "fad panic" dog in the 1970s, when it, too, became a "fad breed", with the same type of media slandering.  Today, things are not nearly as bad for the Doberman, however it pains me that a breed SPECIFICALLY developed as a police and military work dog, is no longer utilized in any meaningful way by either.  This is due to poor breeding practices after World War II, designed to "soften" the temperament of the Doberman and make it suitable as a show dog and generic house pet instead of a working dog. 

In Europe, the Doberman is still require to pass working tests in order to be required suitable for breeding. This is why I have started my breeding program with European bred Dobermans. 

Beginning with my first litter, I intend to raise and start pre-training one pup from each litter and donate at no cost to the Washington State Patrol detection dog program.  The drives needed for detection work are extreme, and, of course, there is no guarantee that every litter will produce a pup suitable for this important work, however I will make the effort. 

I hope to inspire other breeders of working type Dobermans to do the same.  During World War II, it was the national Doberman club which led the "Dogs for Defense" program which supplied war dogs for Marines and other branches of the service.  I'm hoping that other Doberman breeders will put puppy profits aside and consider donating a puppy to their local Law Enforcement.

​K9 Kona
Mason County, WA
Narcotics Detection
Thank you, Pat Cook
​K9 Hemi
WA State Patrol
Narcotics Detection
Hurricane Katrina Survivor
​K9 Lucky
WA State Patrol
Narcotics Detection
Thank You, Pat Cook
​K9 Moto
WA State Patrol
Narcotics Detection
Thank You, Heather Lue
​K9 Shaka
City of Washougal, WA
Narcotics Detection
Thank You, Cyd Cross
​K9 Scout (X-Dog)
WA State Patrol
Explosives Detection

​K9 Neville
WA State Patrol
Explosives Detection
Saved from BSL in Ontario

​K9 Dilly
WA State Patrol
Narcotics Detection
Bred by me, K9 X-Dog was his dam. 
American Pit Bulls which went through my donation program.

Huge "Thank You"
to the first sponsor of my Donate-A-Doberman program!

Danielle Termijn - Netherlands