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Ceci Dobermannpassion (Import: Portugal)  aka: "Sangue Novo"
​Height:  Length:  Weight:  Lbs   
OFA Hips: Prelim 2/22: EXCELLENT
OFA Elbows: Prelim 
OFA Dental: 
OFA Patella: NORMAL (10/22)
OFA Eyes: NORMAL  (10/22)
OFA Thyroid:​ (Not old enough)
OFA Heart:  
DNA: PDK4 / DCM 1 CLEAR (VetGen)
DNA: DCM 2  CLEAR (VetGen)
24 Holter:  
DNA: vWD  CLEAR (VetGen)

* Prelim results are not posted on OFA site. Contact me for copy of results​

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Novo's dam Noa on left, her sire Bodde on right. 
My dogs are too robust for what is currently winning in the AKC show ring, however I do want licensed judges to give me a written statement on my dogs, so I do go to IABCA International shows for this. 

Here are Novo's three critiques:

(Novo has been too young for the shows (need to be a year old.  She will be shown soon).

Importing dogs from Europe is very expensive (shipping often costs more than the dog itself!) as well as frustrating and risky.  It is necessary, however, for the breeder wanting to introduce new and better genetics to what is available in the USA.  The trick to successful importation is RESEARCH; finding healthy lines that mesh with and compliment your current animals.  

The search that resulted in Sangue Novo (Portugese for New Blood) started with a wonderful male named Narvik les Deux Peupliers, IPO I who, as a young dog had won many youth show championships.  I tried hard to get frozen semen from him but alas he did not have semen which could handle the process and survive.  Narvik's dam was a fabulous bitch with the trifecta of show wins, working wins and great health named Jinga les Deux Peupliers, IPO 3, ZTP V1A.  So the search was on for another son or a daughter of Jinga.  This led me to Lexus les Deux Peupliers  IPO 3, SPH 1, SPH 2, ZTP V1A, who has a spectacular working AND health record.  The Lexus dog not only had Jinga as his dam, but his sire was the "Angekort" (most severe European breeding suitability test) dog Zamu les Deux Peupliers, SchH 3, IPO 3, SpH I, Angekort For Life (Aangekeurd voor het leven (Angek. ZVA-1A). I'll take that!  LOL. 

So the Zamu x Jinga male, Lexus was bred to a working bitch of extraordinary working background.  This was Geena von Warringhof, IPO 3, SpH 2, ZTP V1A from the celebrated working line of Dobermans "von Warringhof".   This litter was bred by Sandra Mattheijssen of van de Isegrimhoeve kennel in The Netherlands, well known to serious Doberman breeders.  In this litter was a robust and rowdy male - Bodde van de Isegrimhoeve who has just started his sport career, so far earning his "B" and passing his Portuguese National Breeding Suitability Test.  His current owner did not get Bodde until he was 2 years old. He is a very tough and confident dog, still healthy and robust at 9 years of age (2022).

Bodde was bred to Noa Du Boi De Liers, currently in training, having earned her "B" and her Portuguese National Breeding Test.  Noa's sire is from the famous Briska kennels; Briska's Hutch, IPO 2, FH. Noa herself is linebred strongly on the Angekort dog, Asco von der Burgstatte, IPO 3, SchH 3, FH down from the famous working line "von der Weyermühle".  And so, from the pairing of Bodde and Noa comes "Novo", a very tall, substantial bitch with a pleasing, outgoing temperament.  

Novo is pictured here at 7 months of age.
Unfortunately, by the time she arrived it was too late to crop or dock so she will remain silly looking the rest of her life.  A shame for such a fine animal but sadly many European countries have rolled over to extreme animal rights groups and accept their dictating the management of their animals.