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I love my Bostons and I am dedicated to working to improve their health and soundness, something which is very much needed!  However, at 61 and with severe arthritis, there is only so much I can do.  I was offered an amazing opportunity to have a wonderful young woman mentor under me and take over my Boston breeding program - with the exact same dedication to health testing and producing Bostons with sound bodies and enough muzzle to breath! So I have taken advantage of this opportunity as I feel it will be best for the dogs.

Bean will stay with me as she lives to hunt lizards here.  Jibby may stay, or she may go live with Amy - we are going to let her decide which she prefers. Namu, Happy and Better are already living the life of luxury as beloved pets with Amy's family. 

I can only do justice to so many dogs since I don't kennel or crate, and they are all running loose and in and out of the house.  I feel this is an absolutely amazing opportunity for me to help a wonderful young woman become a top breeder and will lift a bit of the burden on myself.

Amy lives just two houses down from me and we are in daily contact.  I will be assisting her so the paperwork, guarantees, puppy packets, etc., will remain very similar.  The demand for health tested, health-bred Bostons is overwhelming - and I appreciate the fact that I have a trusted, responsible, dog-loving friend to step in and help me. 

Please stand by for additional information.  We are still expecting two litters this year, one from Jibby and one from Bean, who are way late coming into heat!