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 Weight: 78 lbs.     Black # 3    DOB: July 21, 2016
OFA Hips:  GOOD DP-17231G29F-VPI
OFA Thyroid: NORMAL  DP-TH1646/19F-VPI
OFA Dentition: Full and Correct DE268/29F-VPI
OFA Patellas: NORMAL PA121/29F/P-VPI
OFA Advanced Heart: GOOD DP-ACA200/19F-VPI
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy: CLEAR
DNA Dilated Cardiomyopathy (PDK4/DCM1): CLEAR
DNA Dilated Cardiomyopathey (NCSU/DCM2) CLEAR
24 Holter: 2/20 0 SVE / 0 VPC / 0 Vtach
DNA Narcolepsy: CLEAR
DNA von Willebrand (vWD): CLEAR
DNA MDR1 (Drug Sensitivity): CLEAR

Int. Ch. DanBar Maze  100% European  -  FOR SALE TO PET HOME
I was very lucky to find two such wonderful foundation bitches. Not only are Maze and Huni both beautiful and robust, but they share wonderful temperament and fantastic health clearances.

I was unlucky that after spending a heap of money on Maze, and her health testing, and getting her IABCA International Championship (thank you Amy!) she developed pyometra and had to be spayed to save her life before I could breed her.  Such is dog breeding!

Maze has been raised by my friend, neighbor and dog training buddy, Amy, who has developed her into a loving companion dog, great with kids, cats, livestock, and other dogs that don't challenge her.  She is housebroken and loves to lie in front of the fire. 

We are looking to place Maze in a loving pet home with someone who wants a BIG, IMPRESSIVE Doberman to go hiking or camping with them.  Maze loves the woods.  Maze is pretty easy going - not a hyper dog at all.  Fenced yard required, of course. Absolutely NO "day crating" homes.  Maze doesn't deserve to live in a box. 

Please note all of Maze's health testing...  this is a healthy, robust bitch with above average "heart health".  The cardiologist always remark on how good her heart is.  Finding a heart healthy Doberman, let alone a striking one bigger than most male American Dobermans is pretty rare.  If you would like a chill dog with a big personality, consider Maze.

Below find the judges critiques for Maze while she was earning her International Champion title. 

Maze is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all shots and wormings.  She is available for $750.  Contact Diane at Dreadlives@outlook.com

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Maze at 12 weeks of age; a BIG pup!

​Judge 1
OVERALL IMPRESSION: feminine with good type; COAT: good color and markings; HEAD: feminine and well shaped; BITE//MOUTH: good bite and dentition; EYES: well shaped and set; EARS: uncropped but good set; CHEST: good depth and spring; FRONT QUARTERS: could use more layback, BACK QUARTERS: good muscling and angels; TAIL: slightly low tail set; TOPLINE: strong and level; MOVEMENT: correct for breed V1

Judge 2
OVERALL IMPRESSION: nice young bitch; COAT: correct texture; HEAD: good chiseling and planes; BITE//MOUTH: correct; EYES: well set, dark; EARS: natural, well leathered and set; CHEST: well developed; FRONT QUARTERS: well set and used; BACK QUARTERS: strong and well used; TAIL: well set, a bit low; TOPLINE: correct, slightly steep croup; MOVEMENT: good front and back V1

Judge 3
OVERALL IMPRESSION: well built, solid; COAT: good color, rich markings; HEAD: fits dog, good wedge shape; BITE//MOUTH: correct; EYES: well set and shaped; EARS: well set and carried; CHEST: well developed; FRONT QUARTERS: strong bone; BACK QUARTERS: well muscled; TAIL: well set; TOPLINE: correct; MOVEMENT: good V1
Maze at 14 months of age
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