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Desert Dog IPO (Schutzhund) Club
Desert Dog Schutzhund Club was founded decades ago and still holds true today to the same ideas as the founders:  a drama free, humane methods, title orientated club where dog lovers can come to have fun with their dogs.

We meet weekly (Saturday) in the Tri-cities, Washington. Start time varies depending on weather, but is generally 8 to 9 AM.

Anyone interested in learning about the sport of schutzhund is welcome to visit.  We allow three visits during which we will evaluate you and your dog, and see if you are a fit for the club.  If so, you will be asked to join.  Fees are moderate.   We do insist that all members participate in all THREE phases of schutzhund; tracking, obedience and bitework.  However, if a dog is unable (unwilling) to participate in bitework that is not a problem, we will help you obtain tracking and obedience degrees. 

At this time the training director is Diane Jessup, who titled her first dog in IPO in 1981 and has since put many titles on several dogs, primarily American pit bulls and Dobermans.

Our Decoy is Rasheed Barrett and we have other decoys who come train with us now and then. 

We are DVG affiliated. 

To visit, please understand that your dog will need to stay in your vehicle most of the time, so please make sure it is secure (like in a crate) and will be cool if parked in the sun.  Bring water for the dog, please.  Children are welcome but must be attended to at all times. Perhaps bring toys, as this is a park and they can play while you watch training. You might want to bring a chair.

Location:   CLICK HERE!

Diane Jessup in IPO trial with Boldog Dirk, IPO III, French Ring Brevet