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The DanBar Ranch Guarantee

Before you read my contract, I would like you to read this short article put out by a canine DNA testing company, concerning what should be in a puppy's health guarantee. 

I put considerable money into complete health testing of my breeding dogs.  Obviously, no one can guarantee perfect life long health in any living creature! So my guarantee covers two basic issues:

First: That the puppy you buy comes from parents which have had the recognized and recommended health tests for their breed and age consisting of (dependent on breed)  orthopedic, blood work or DNA.  This is the most important step any breeder can take in the way of attempting to produce healthy pups.  There are no tests for "cancer" or many other causes of death, but the basic genetic issues that can plague pure-bred dogs can be tested for. 

Second: That the puppy you buy is healthy at the time you purchase it.  My pups are raised to be robust and healthy and come with age appropriate vaccinations, wormings and anti-giardia treatment. If you follow my instructions on feeding, housing and vaccinations/wormings, your pup should remain healthy. If you DO NOT follow my instructions and take actions which put the puppy at risk (examples are feeding too high of a protein level dog food, keeping the dog locked up in a crate for hours at a time, having a "no-pull" harness on the dog) I cannot be responsible for issues arising from this mismanagement. 

Many kennels offer a "money back" or "free puppy" guarantee - but they also insist you give the original dog back.  Most people (hopefully!) have become too attached to their new family member to just give it up, were it to develop, say, hip dysplasia which could be treated at home. I think asking for the dog back is a slick way of hoping no one will take them up on their guarantee. 

I sell my puppies in good faith, and I expect buyers to purchase them in good faith.  I am available 24/7 by phone in the case of any questions concerning the health of your pup or adult dog.  And, per the contract, I WILL take the dog back, no questions asked, at any time if this is the desire of the puppy buyer.

CLICK HERE to read the contract.

​Druid - Head of Security on the ranch.