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Rescuing Dogs From Their "Rescuers"
When I moved to Goldendale 5 years ago it was after retiring from over 20 years as an animal control officer.  I had long been active in and an advocate of single-breed rescue (those who know a specific breed stepping in and rescuing that particular breed).  I also understood that many find mixed breed dogs find their way to shelters due entirely to human stupidity; those who produced them and those who sold them to inappropriate homes.  This human stupidity and lack of empathy keeps Craig's List full of dog and puppy listings and shelters all over the world full - and having to euthanize dogs every day.

I hoped to leave animal control related issues behind me in my retirement, however, after I found out what was going on in my local town (believe me, this goes on EVERYWHERE) I had to act.  Seeing those poor dogs trapped in tiny cages, living on filth, breathing in absolutely foul air, no light, and learning that these dogs, most trucked in for resale from "shelters" in California and Texas were held in these conditions for months and even years (one dog spent four years in those conditions and another over a year as she produced puppies for resale) I had to act.  Two articles in the local paper (which I write for) urging the locals to help only produced one person willing to step up.  Anyway, between the two of us we were able to convince city officials that since this activity was going on in a city building (its complicated) by a supposed 501c3 "rescue" (the non profit status had expired over a year ago) to have the so called "rescue" remove their dogs from the city shelter.

Sadly, this hoarder/retail rescue will just go on about her business. I have been able to shame the California shelters into stopping their supplying dogs to her, and one shelter even agreed to stop all trucking out of dogs for resale! This is a big step forward.  But now I need to work on a state law (which will be fiercely fought against by so called "humane" groups) to protect all the shelter/rescue dogs in Washington state.  Currently, there are NO MINIMUM standards of care for anyone calling themselves a non-profit rescue.  This is crazy, and results in a LOT of suffering by a LOT of dogs - as evidence right here in my own home town.

Below are three articles I wrote for the Goldendale Sentinel newspaper, outlining the problem, asking for help, and ultimately showcasing to the public what they were not only ignoring but supporting!