DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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My beautiful Wee Mary. I consider her hard coat to be perfect. Not for show, but for what the standard calls for lol. 
Friend Amy made this wonderful jungle gym plaything for the puppies. They love it! Thank you, Amy!  Actually, Wee Bonnie and Namu like it too!
Wee Bonnie, on my lap, wants to know why we are not watching the Animal Planet station...
To say Klickitat County has a lot of deer is an understatement! This herd hangs out in the area of my driveway.
Jibby and Bean enjoy the wide window sills that
capture winter sunshine. 
May the coonhound greets a pretty little Nubian goat born here.
I truly believe that a well bred Doberman is the
 most beautiful dog breed of all.