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in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Gallery of Dobermans Bred Here At DanBar Ranch
Please consider getting involved in dogsport with your DanBar Doberman.  They are bred to work, and there are many new (and old traditional) sports available to you and your pup. Agility, obedience, tracking, nosework, schutzhund (IPO) French ring sport, even things like weight pulling, barn hunt and lure coursing can be your Doberman's "thing"! I have titled Dobermans in schutzhund, advanced tracking, weight pull and obedience. I can help you get started. You will really enjoy the time spent with your working dog. 
Aimen Daker, IPO 2 (Polish Import) meets DanBar Hun Siccer (Huni) prior to breeding.
Hexe @ 10 months old. (F) (a little fat!)
Aimen Daker, IPO 2, x DanBar Hun Siccer
Thor @ 3 weeks of age. (M)
Aimen Daker x DanBar Hun Siccer
Lord @ 3 weeks of age. (M)
Aimen Daker, IPO 2, x DanBar Hun Siccer
3 week old female. Please compare DanBar Doberman's rich mahogany color and size of bone at this age to any other litter. (F)
Aimen Daker, IPO 2, x DanBar Hun Siccer
Huni's first litter, sired by Polish Import 
Aimen Daker, IPO 2. 

These four pictures show pups from the Aimen Daker, IPO 2 x DanBar Hun Siccer 2017 litter. One nice litter, to be repeated in 2020 hopefully.