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DNA Dilated Cardiomyopathy (PDK4/DCM1): 2 MUTATED
DNA Dilated Cardiomyopathy (NCSU/DCM2) 1 MUTATED 

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Gaia vom Zeus Tal (Import: Mexico)  aka: El Crappo
​I purchased Gaia from a gentleman in Mexico based on the longevity of her two grandfathers and overall pedigree.  Her breeder had the (sadly all too common) delays and issues with getting DNA testing done (using Embark) and so I ended up buying her on "a wing and a prayer" that she would pass the health clearances I have set for my breeding animals.  Unfortunately, when I got her here and was able to get her tested with a different company she came back with 3 of the 4 "mutated" DNA markers positive.  

This was a real gut punch, but my disappointment was lightened by the gentlemanly response of her breeder who offered me my money back.  This however I could not accept, as I had bought her knowing what the risk of buying a pup from unhealth tested parents was, and he had made me no claims about health.  So we parted friends, and I spayed little El Crappo and placed her as a pet with a family.  She was an utterly sweet little girl and will have a fantastic life as a family pet. 

For those who wonder why well-bred purebred puppies are expensive need to take into account that a LOT of money can be spent on breeding dogs and not all of them will work out.  It is easy to spend thousands between price of pup, shipping and health testing, just to have to spay or neuter the animal and then place it for a much reduced price.  This cost must be absorbed by the breeder, and for those of us for whom breeding is simply a passionate hobby and not a source of income, the costs can add up.