DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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DanBar Ranch Dobermans

ALL DanBar Dobermans used for breeding
 are CLEAR of genetic or hereditary diseases. 

Sieger Ch., Claus von Sigalsburg, SchH I,  a Lux von Blankenburg son. Born in 1924. A Doberman for the ages. This is the type of historical Doberman I strive to produce.

"The DanBar Difference"

My goal when breeding - any breed - is to produce dogs which would find favor with those who knew the breed best. I like "old fashioned" dogs, meaning those closest to what the originators of the breed had in mind - NOT WHAT BREEDING FOR SHOW RING  FADS HAS PRODUCED. 

European bred Dobermans are coming back into fashion, and some "Euro" breeders make silly claims and charge silly prices.  I trained my first police K9 Doberman in 1979, titled my first Doberman in schutzhund in 1981.  I know the breed and I love the breed - and I pride myself on representing my dogs honestly. 

Today the Doberman breed is still struggling to recover from its mercurial rise to number two in AKC popularity in the 1970s.  No breed can become that popular without legions of careless breeders causing terrific harm to the health, soundness and character of the breed.  And so, today, serious breeders will not consider doing breeding without FULL DNA/OFA health testing. 

I have chosen to use dogs of pure European lines (No American lines) due to their sturdier build and more useful temperament. There are "working" lines and "show" lines in Dobermans, just like most other working breeds. Unfortunately, today "working temperament" in the breed too often means just a hyper, toy crazy dog that is nearly impossible to live with. As well, "working-line" Dobermans tend to be very thin and fine boned in build. "Show-line" only Dobermans tend to be overly heavy in build and "dead-head" in temperament. You need to really be realistic about what you want in a Doberman. If your dog is only going to be "yard art", then buy a show-bred dog. If your interest is placing at a national working event, you may be better off buying a high energy working-line dog. I attempt to breed a dog which is not an "extreme" either way - just a good looking, solid dog with DOBERMAN TEMPERAMENT.

The DanBar Difference is this: I strive to breed stocky, athletic, large boned working type Dobermans of 75 to 100 pounds.  I will show you PROOF that I do full AKC/DNA health testing in excess of what DPCA or UDC recommend. My dogs are striking in appearance and bold in temperament. Together we will decide if one of my Dobermans is right for you, and you can be assured of life-time mentoring if you wish.

What test does the OFA recommend for Dobermans?

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