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DanBar's Jib Jab
Weight: 22 lbs    Color: Brindle/White    DOB: 09.08.2017​
OFA Eyes: BRT-EYE-1122/18F-VPI (4/19)
OFA Dentition:  Click Here
OFA Heart: Advanced Cardiac BTR-ACA55/18F-VPI  (4/19)
OFA Patellas: NORMAL BTR-PA2715/24F/P-VPI
OFA Spine: pending
OFA Tracheal Hypoplasia: NORMAL TRH109/16F-VPI
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
DNA Hereditary Cataracts: Clear
Jib showing her "on button" 
on top of her head! 
Jib is SWEET! That is simply the best word to describe her.  She stays out of trouble, loves to play, play, play, and loves other dogs. She prefers to be in the house while Bean prefers to be out hunting lizards. 

Jib is a beautiful brindle and white with nice markings and a great little screw tail. She handles the Goldendale 100 degree summer heat and the 20 degree winter heat just fine. She does run with the quad twice a day around the ranch, and doesn't ever show signs of distress in breathing. I'm VERY happy to say that she has OFA Normal Elbows, and OFA "GOOD" hips - not that common in Bostons!  You would be hard pressed to find another Boston breeder who OFA checks any of their breeding dogs, let along ALL of them like I do.  I understand that with their background, there is a strong chance of poor hip formation IF BREEDERS DONT WORK TO IMPROVE IT.  Most Boston breeders just say "they don't have great hips, its just how they are".  But this is a terrible attitude!  Bostons are HAPPY, ACTIVE dogs, and to me, a good breeder will help them have a sound body to go along with that!!!

Jib adores children and is great with other animals.  
Top: Jib on the right. She gets along with other animals and kids.  Bottom: Jib has a beautiful correct head. 
I will be getting more pictures of Bean,
 Jib and Louie...  Please be patient!