DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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Meet The DanBar Cairn Terriers
​I have put together a group of Cairns I am very proud of.  These are dogs selected for hard, care-free, original coat, for absolutely sound, friendly temperament with people and kids, for the common sense coupled with high prey drive to be working vermin dogs if you, like DanBar Ranch, need vermin kept under control or want to participate in dogsport.  

My one-of-a-kind health testing policy assures you I have done everything I can to provide you with a healthy,  long lived dog.  No breeder can guarantee that a dog won't get cancer or other illnesses, but by extensive health testing I can show you that I have done everything possible to leave the breed a little better, a little healthier than I found it.

Come meet the dogs; any reputable kennel will encourage you to do this.

I want to publicly thank Norma Rice at Marma's Cairn terriers for her continued mentoring, help and friendship.  When other local breeders treated me like some kind of threat to their puppy sales, Norma was glad to share this wonderful breed with me and has been very helpful in helping me produce quality dogs.  Norma is what the Dog Fancy used to be like.  Thank you, Norma.
Ch. Happy Hills Freesia
Happy, sweet AKC champion
DanBar Wee Annie
Wonderful combo of Mike and Bon.
DanBar Wee Bonnie, RATN
"Bon Bon"
Foundation Bitch - now retired
DanBar Wee Mikey, RATN
"The Man"
My Foundation Stud
DanBar Run Around Sue
Super smart - great hunter
DanBar Mary Quite Contrary
Has Mikey's wonderful hard coat
Marma's All Around Haley The Comet
The Twiz is a nut! I love her!
I spent $30,000 to dog-proof fence my entire 20 acres. I feel it was the least I could do considering the happiness dogs have given me all my life.    

There are no crates at DanBar Ranch. My dogs are raised "cage free"!  The only time they are confined is when someone is in heat, or I have visitors and don't want them overwhelmed. 

They hunt, they run, they sun themselves. They are social and appropriate with each other. Many kennels use the term "ranch raised" but all it means is the dogs are raised in kennels, crates and pens out in the country.