DanBar Ranch
in loving memory of Dan and Barbara Jessup
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DanBar Ranch Cairn Terriers 

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What tests does OFA suggest for cairn terrier which are used for breeding?

"The DanBar Difference"

In my opinion the cairn terrier is one of dogdoms best kept secrets. Healthy, hearty, sound and intelligent, the well bred cairn terrier is confident, stubborn, happy and bold. 

My dogs run loose here on the ranch and do serious rodent and ground squirrel control. I believe purebred dogs should be bred to their original standard - never changed for fads. I would enjoy showing my dogs, however the current fad is for an almost "bichon frise" type hairdo around the head, something a dog with a HARD coat can't have.  I prefer the true, hard, working jacket that doesn't require constant plucking or trimming.  Snow and burrs don't stick to my "Teflon" coated dogs. 

To the left I have tried to illustrate the "DanBar Difference"; true no-nonsense hard coated dogs versus the current show ring fad of breeding dogs with a longer, fluffier coat.  Coat lengths do vary within litters, so I do have some pups with longer coats. Because of the type of HARD coat I am breeding for I do not advertise my pups as "show quality".  

I take great pride in my terriers; in their health and their temperaments. I'm proud that I do more extensive health testing than any other cairn breeder I have seen.  I feel that health testing my breeding dogs allows me to "give back" to the overall well being of a breed I love.  

Diane and Wee Mikey. Mikey shows the tighter, harder coat I'm breeding for. Burrs do not stick to him, whereas some of the longer coated dogs need to have their arm pits and bellies shaved in summer.  
An ad for a winning dog circa 1930. Notice the hard hair and lack of "fluff" around the head. 
As bad as it gets...  This West Highland White terrier, groomed for the show ring, shows long, soft hair - in no way is this a waterproof coat! 
Life at DanBar Ranch:

My cairns run free on 20 acres. Not just once in a while - all the time. You are welcome to come meet the dogs and see if this Scottish vermin killer is the breed for you.
Life at DanBar Ranch:

American pit bull Druid handles the really big, tough vermin like badgers and bobcats but the cairns spend their time keeping weasels, ground squirrels, rats, mice and snakes at bay.