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DanBar Ranch Dogs
live "cage free". 

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Lizard Hunting July 2019
"Cage Free Dogs"
I am very much distressed by the current fad in housing dogs by keeping them locked in shipping type crates for hours every day. Crates were designed originally for SHORT TERM confinement of an animal while it was traveling. It was never meant to be, what is termed in humane law, "primary housing".  In fact, the rather horrific housing regulations of animal research laboratories won't even allow dogs to be kept in such cramped quarters for hours on end.

Keeping a dog locked in a box all day while you are at work MAY BE convenient for you - but it is (or should be) an unacceptable primary housing for your dog. Those who keep their dogs in crates will often try to justify it by stating "dogs are den animals", implying that a den is a natural habitat for a dog.  The truth is, wolves, coyotes, Cape hunting dogs - the wild canids do NOT LIVE IN DENS.  They grey wolf, which is the closest genetically to the dog, ONLY spends time in a den when actually raising a litter of pups.  This means only one or two members of a pack, and ONLY for 8 to 10 weeks.   The rest of the time they are covering miles of range daily.

During the majority of the day a dog should, at absolutely minimum, be able to walk about, deficate, urinate, drink, seek shade or sun and be able to observe things in the environment in order to not be bored. It cannot do these things locked in a shipping type crate.  

The animal rights nuts who feel that owning any animal is the same as "slavery" are taking steps to make pet ownership harder and harder. This is why groups such as the HSUS and PETA have historically supported legislation which bans certain breeds of dogs, mandatory sterilization of all pets and tethering, which is often the single safest and most humane way to confine a pet.  Strange to think that a dog tethered out under an apple tree in a meadow with bones to chew, holes to dig, things to watch, which can take care of its bodily functions at will, is considered "cruel", but locking a dog in a box for 10 to 20 hours a day (while owner is at work and asleep) is humane!?

I will not knowingly sell any DanBar pup to any person who intends to lock their puppy away in a crate all day.  A kennel or tether should be provided if the dog needs to be safely contained while the owner is gone. A crate can certainly be used for short (2 hours or less) confinement or in the vehicle, obviously; its just not appropriate for "primary housing".