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This is an excellent book that will show you what the Boston Terrier was designed to be.
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ALL DanBar Boston terriers
 used for breeding  are 
CLEAR of genetic
 or hereditary diseases. 

"The DanBar Difference"

I breed AKC standard Boston terriers, but I call them "old fashioned" because I am so disgusted with what the show-ring folks have done to this wonderful breed. To the right you see how show-ring fad has resulted in a dog with NO muzzle. This has resulted in numerous serious health issues.  Why would anyone who professes to "love" a dog breed these issues into a dog breed?

The DanBar difference is that I breed the dog as the original founders described it; a healthy, capable, miniature bull and terrier mix. Muzzles are long enough so that my Bostons can run and play - even in our hot weather, without distress.  Hips, elbows, spines - all x-ray checked on breeding dogs to make sure they are not passing on any issues that could cause a pup discomfort later in life.

The standard describes the muzzle as "short, wide and deep" and up to 1/3 the length of the skull. In NO WAY does the dog pictured to the upper right, a famous champion, have a muzzle that fits this description.  I totally reject breeding dogs for extremely short muzzles - especially just for show wins!  These dogs suffer all their lives, and I hope you don't support it either.  How could anyone?

Because they are little bulldogs, some few Bostons come with "rose" ears such as pictured at right. Personally, I prefer this to an upright ear. Many show Bostons are cropped to make their ears stand. I don't crop mine, so a rose ear is possible. I love rose ears!

I have an extensive area on this site concerning the health of the Boston terrier, and the health testing done to try and restore "normal" health standards to this wonderful breed. 

An example of "rose ears". Bostons have traditionally been cropped to make their ears stand.

For the DANBAR RANCH policy on placing our Boston terriers as "service" dogs.
Above: A famous champion "show" Boston terrier who shows the complete lack of muzzle which has become a fad. This lack of muzzle results in many Bostons leading lives of restricted activity, labored breathing and many other health issues.
The following quote is from a research paper on
 short nosed breeds:

"During this research, a worrying theme was identified in owners of dog with BOAS; 58% of them did not consider the signs of breathing difficulties as a problem, some suggesting that such signs are ‘normal for the breed’ (Packer et al., 2012). This is problematic as it is may mean BOAS-affected dogs do not receive the veterinary attention that they require, and continue to be used in the breeding population that perpetuates this disorder in future generations."

PLEASE! Do not be part of this mindset. Don't support those who put "cute" and "show wins" above the quality of life of their dog.
NEW pictures of the Louie x Bean babies! Now 3 weeks old!