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The Wee Annie x Ch. Checkov Pups  3.29.20
​Here are the girls.  They are now walking and eating gruel.  They have their color collars on now, so that we can tell them all apart.  These pups won't be able to go out to the feed store for socialization, due to the CORVID-19 virus, but they are getting plenty of socialization here with all the adult dogs.  I am spending extra time with them because of this.  They are lovely pups, all very outgoing and happy.  All pups are reserved at this time. 
Here is a video of each puppy taken 3.29.20.  Weather precluded us videoing outside. 

Purple Collar Pup

Yellow Collar Pup

Pink (red) Collar Pup

Light Blue Collar Pup

Buttstitch (Orange Collar Pup)